Exploring RTT & Theta Healing with Christy Bartelt & Ana Salazar

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So, what are these magical modalities like?


Today, I am so excited to welcome my two friends Christy Bartelt and Ana Salazar to the show and deep dive on some of the modalities that I've been enjoying lately.

In this episode, you'll learn all about what a Rapid Transformational Therapy and Theta Healing session is truly like. I'm always so curious about what actually happens between a practitioner and a student in these magical modalities. So, today on the show, I have Christy and Ana here to explain it in full depth to you.

As you know from this recent episode, I've been doing very well and you heard that I had a fear of telling people I was successful because I was worried that it would make people dislike me. How I found and removed this mental block was through RTT and Theta Healing.

Now, I know the conscious mindset inside out. I really do. Yet, diving into the subconscious mind is a whole new ball game because you don't actually know what's in there. Sometimes we hold on to stuff in our subconscious mind for years and it's truly limiting us and we don't even know it. That's exactly where RTT and Theta Healing come into play to help us remove those hidden barriers to health, love, and success.

This episode is so fun, it's so high-vibe, and you'll feel like you're just hanging out with the three of us for coffee! It's perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about the subconscious mind, our brain waves, and how to clear your blocks.


About Christy: 


Christy Bartelt is an avid meditator, certified hypnotherapist, and Rapid Transformational Therapist trained by the incredible Marisa Peer. Christy guides her clients to freedom from the issues that hold them back; releasing them from their subconscious belief patterns and showing them how to upgrade their lives. She successfully works with motivation, self-worth, addiction recovery, depression, anxiety, phobias, money blocks and health issues. 

Christy is also the mama to two sweet and spicy young boys. After leaving her corporate job in 2012 to be a stay at home mom, a series of medical events left her unhealthy and depressed. When traditional medicine failed to help her heal she made it her mission to understand how she could heal herself. After overcoming adrenal fatigue, chronic inflammation and depression Christy was inspired to help others do the same. That passion lead her to Rapid Transformational Therapy, the most profound health and wellness hack Christy has come across. Christy loves helping her clients transform their lives. 



About Ana: 


Ana Salazar is multi-passionate human. She's a marketing professional, food blogger, bread baker, avid reader and yoga fanatic. Her endless curiosity led her to find Theta Healing as a powerful tool for growth, self development and service to others. She is originally from Colombia and now lives in Peru with her husband and two cats.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- What is Rapid Transformational Therapy by Marisa Peer.

- Who is Marisa Peer.

- What is Theta Healing.

- The difference between Rapid Transformational Therapy and Theta Healing.

- How Ana and Christy both flowed into these roles with so much serendipity.

- What a session is really like, what it feel likes to be hypnotized, and how it feels to be "theta dunk." (aka high on cloud 9!) 

- That you can do an RTT session or Theta Healing session over Skype. (Which is perfect because Christy is in the US, Ana is in Peru, and I'm in Canada. The magic of the internet!)

- "We are a part of a universe that is holding us all the time." - Ana Salazar

- "Trust that the things you need will come to you. Trust that you are being supported. And if you don't know how to trust, just repeat to yourself everyday: "I will learn how to trust and the universe will show me how to trust." That is the perfect beginning." - Ana Salazar

- "Do not ever doubt the power within your own mind to heal yourself and to change your life." - Christy Bartelt 

"Everything that you need is within yourself. You just need to learn how to access it." - Christy Bartelt


74 - Exploring RTT & Theta Healing Christy Bartelt & Ana Salazar - The Kelly Trach Show - Christy Bartelt.jpg
74 - Exploring RTT & Theta Healing Christy Bartelt & Ana Salazar - The Kelly Trach Show - Ana Salazar.jpg

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