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Hi, I'm Kelly

Author, Coach & Eternal Optimist

I'm an author, life coach, podcast host, and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you live your best life.



I'm so excited you are here! Pull up a seat and put your feet up, we're already friends! 

I’m an avid learner who spends time reading self-help books, writing self-help books, hosting The Kelly Trach Show, crafting life-changing programs, and coaching clients. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce honors degree from the University of British Columbia and I'm the author of the book F*ck this Sh*t I’m Curing Myself.

I am truly living my dream life and now I help thousands of others do the same through my one on one coaching, digital books, and online courses.

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How did you get started?

Well, let me tell you upfront that becoming a life coach and sharing my journey was not in my 10-year vision. 

I was a full-scholarship, business school, honors grad and if you asked me what I was aiming for it was a high paying corporate gig, a Stanford MBA, or my ticket to YCombinator. If you look at my professional resume, you'll find a gig at Tesla Motors, three failed high-tech start-ups, and time in Silicon Valley pursuing the future of food.

During a low point of my third (and last) tech-startup, I had an a-ha moment that I should just do what I'm good at - which was helping people live their best life and sharing what has been truly transformational for me. 

I was formerly sick. 

After struggling with chronic illness, pain, and inflammation for over a decade, I solved my own problems with 10,000 hours of conducting trial-and-error experiments on myself after doctors said "there is nothing you can do." Sharing my healing journey and how thrive with my autoimmune condition and gut issues became the framework of my best-selling ebook F*ck this Shit I'm Curing Myself.

When I shifted my mind, I changed my life.

If you start with your mindset first, everything else is easier. Not only did I learn this with my health, but also with personal life, and then once again with my business. This means kicking your self-limiting beliefs, ditching the inner critic, and relinquishing the blocks so you can step forth into who you are meant to become. Now, this is focus of what I teach.

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I host a top-rated podcast.


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Teaching Style



When I coach, craft a program, or write a book, I build it with my former self in mind. I sure as heck know what it's like to start from square one and I build everything with the basic beginner in mind. 

I lead from the heart and I'm all about keeping it concise. I educate in the simplest and most sustainable way possible so you get the goods straight up. 

When we work together, my intention is that you've got the tools in your toolbox to go out there and truly make it happen.


Core Values

This is the space I coach and lead from:





Being intentional

And having the courage to be the best



I believe that good coaches get coached often themselves. I play the role of the teacher and also the student. Consistently, I seek coaching for my own personal breakthroughs. Personal favorites include Jacki Carr, Mary Beth LaRue, Jess Lively and the works of Danielle LaPorte, Jen Sincero, Gabby Bernstein, and Melissa Ambrosini.

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Join thousands of others here.

I've helped thousands of people redefine wellness, reclaim their power, and master their mind. 


Which brings me to YOU.

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I'm here to help you live your best life.

By sharing what has been truly transformation for me, I'm here to serve. My work is built on a foundation of vulnerability, deep devotion, and a commitment to your personal growth.

Through my free content, digital goodies, and online training programs, I'm here to help you elevate your life, reclaim your personal power, and step into the person you know you are meant to become. 

Because we're not just going for bright, but blazing. 

Loving Words

I love Kelly’s introspective and self-aware vibe. Rare to find that in our generation.
— Amal H.
Kelly’s work is life-changing and deeply inspiring. What I love most is that she teaches concepts so clearly and working with her has seriously transformed my outlook on life.
— Whitney L.
Kelly has the most infectious zest for life and learning. And her smile will undoubtedly make YOU smile, too! She is always learning and growing to bring fresh and relevant content to her listeners and clients. Kelly is a constant source of inspiration to me - I admire her courage, authenticity, and absolutely adore her joyful heart!
— Sondra F.

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