How to Overcome Your Upper Limit Problem vs. Self-Sabotaging Your New Success

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This is the hidden barrier preventing you from getting to the next level.


Sometimes, we don't know what's actually holding us back from leveling up our life. You know that feeling when you feel blocked, but you don't know why?

Speaking from the heart, I had several big blocks I needed to clear as I'm transcending and going to the next level in my business right now. This is the best it's ever been, but part of me felt like: "OMG I literally can't reach for the next monkey bar." If you've been there, you totally know what I mean.

The Big Leap illuminated what I'd been doing to myself: I was indirectly and secretly self-sabotaging. Naturally, we have a hidden glass ceiling that we place on ourselves and our bodies have a natural set point of success. And, if we go any higher, our mind and body says: "Oh! This is totally new and dangerous, we gotta tone it down!"

In this episode, you'll learn what is the upper limit problem, how to overcome it, and how to clear your success blocks. Plus, I openly share how important it is to speak about our accomplishments and how we can help each other rise because when we shine our light, we inspire others to do the same.

So, my friends, this episode is a MUST listen for anyone who's on the verge of a breakthrough right now. Download it and tune in right away.



In this episode, you'll learn:


- What is the upper limit problem and why we naturally limit our success. 

- How to overcome your upper limit problem.

- Ways in which you might be self-sabotaging your own success. (+ How you might be doing it without even realizing it).

- How I personally overcame my own money, success, business blocks.

- How to loosen the grip and truly let go.

- New mantras to use when you feel yourself self-sabotaging.

- How to stop "making it happen" and tap into allowing, receiving, and work with your yin energy.


Resources mentioned:


- Your Best Life

- The Inner Circle 

- The Feelings-Based Approach Tutorial

- My YouTube Channel

- The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

- Jess Lively

- Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

- Theta Healing

- Jenny Lynn Newell on Self-Awareness, Savoring the Now & Being a Student - The Kelly Trach Show

- Let's Be Naked Podcast

- Leticia Ringe on Finding your Soul's Purpose, Feminine Energy & Releasing the Grip - The Kelly Trach Show

- Tell People How Great Your Life Is - The Kelly Trach Show


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