Your Money Mindset


Confidently transform your relationship with money in 50 days.


So you can own your worth, ditch your money blocks, and finally reach that next level you’ve been waiting for.

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Without stressing about money, wondering what you’re really worth, the momentum crushing relapses to your old patterns that leave you wondering “will I ever get there?”


Well, you probably already know this…

If you’re a full-time online entrepreneur, side hustler extraordinaire, or a person on the brink of starting their own thing, looking to go to the next level without self-sabotaging your own success, then you probably already know you need to break up with the money blocks that are holding you back.

After all, you probably already KNOW that transforming your relationship with money is the key tipping point that will allow you to FINALLY chase what you truly desire, own what you are worth, and create the freedom you’re seeking.

You’ve probably already realised that the stories you absorbed about money growing up are hindering you. Maybe it’s the belief you “can’t make money doing what you love” or you’ve gotta “work really hard to make money” that creeps up every time you want to burst from your comfort zone and make a leap to a new lilypad.

Money is required for you to live your most authentic life. To register for the half marathon, book the flights to Greece, and enjoy brunch on the patio with your pals on a Sunday, you need cash to do all of that. At the end of the day, money gives you freedom. (Cuz when you’re struggling, how free do you feel?) And, if you want to feel more liberated, that starts with your relationship with money.


But, here’s the info you might be missing…


After transforming your relationship, with money you can:

Confidently Ask for your worth and own it UNWAVERINGLY

No more discounting your work, accepting clients for free (and justifying that it’s good experience and a potential testimonial), or slashing your prices when people say they can’t pay your full rates. Or, charging pennies when you KNOW you could be earning much more (because you’re genuinely great at what you do). After stepping into your own worth with the money mindset work, those thoughts won’t even stroll through your mind.

Enable you to say no to income streams that don’t light you up

If you’re still holding on to other sources of income JUST for the steady paycheck, then transforming your relationship with money can help you let go of that fearful death grip to your desk job. You can say no to the 9-5 you hate because you’ll deeply believe you can make money doing your own thing. Or, if you already have a biz, then you can let go of the clients you dread seeing in your calendar, ditch the events you’re doing just to make a little bit of cash, and finally step into what you really want to offer instead.

Increase your income by overcoming your fear of marketing + Sales

Do you feel gross “asking” for money? (AKA: sales?) Do you dread hopping on Instagram live and promoting your new program? Do your palms drip with sweat by just the thought of having a consult call with a potential client and asking them if they’d like to purchase your package today? If you have a deep aversion to putting yourself out there, getting visible, and asking for the sale, then you also have a money mindset block since you’re not fully owning your worth (and seeing your own value). By transforming your relationship with money, you become a magnet for money and opportunities since you deeply know just how deserving you are of money.

Abolish the “starving artist” mindset + Make solid money doing what you love

If deep down inside you secretly believe your business can’t provide the same level of income as your corporate gig or your passion will always need to be a side hustle, then those are beliefs ones that the money mindset work can shift. Or, perhaps you grew up around non-entrepreneurial folks and thus you believe it’s not possible for you to do your own cool thing since you never saw it. With the right money mindset tools, you’ll finally realize you CAN make money doing what you love vs. always shrugging off your big, bold possibilities.

Confidently invest in the right help

Need your first employee but you’re afraid to outsource? Desperately need that coach’s help, but she’s a few grand? Or perhaps you just need the latest iPhone to take the highest quality selfies for the ‘gram. Money is required for you to go to the next level. And, when you have a rad, rockin’ relationship with it you’ll feel totally comfortable investing in yourself and your business without losing sleep and pulling out hair when it comes down to making a big decision. If you’ve been stuck at a certain level of income and you scratch your head about why you aren’t going higher, then the money mindset work will get you there.


The reason why you aren’t having a breakthrough is because of your story.


But, even though mastering your money mindset seems obvious, the process of transforming your relationship with money is anything but obvious.


Re-write my money story?

Sounds rad!

But where the HECK do I start?


Perhaps you’ve committed to starting.

You’ve journaled in a notebook about the stories you learned about money growing up, you’ve tuned into a few podcasts to get educated on the subject, flipped quickly through a book about money in the back of the shop (praying that nobody sees you reading the cover), even stuck one on your shelf to keep you inspired when sh*t gets hard.

If you’re super committed to reaching your next level, you’ve purchased books, enrolled in classes, and maybe even invested in coaching assuring yourself that “this will totally solve the problem.”

But, even with the best of intentions, most people fail to venture into the REAL problems, fail to stick with the process and wind back at square one wondering “HOW the HECK am I still here??!!”

Here’s why most people never get anywhere with the money mindset work.

If you like to avoid money, doing the money mindset work is something you avoid too. Ultimately always putting it off until “someday.”

Or, maybe you are good at becoming aware of your beliefs, patterns, and actions but when you are met with the choice of investing in a high-end coach that could really help you, outsourcing to a new employee, or even splurging for the brand of almond butter you really love… you fall right back to your old money mindset and succumb to the same stories that keep you stuck. You forgo the coach, the employee, and the creamy almond butter that would have been just the right amount of crunch and salt on your gluten-free toast.

Or, perhaps you don’t “think” focusing on money is important. You believe in love n’ peace and money just isn’t a priority. Well, you can’t really pay your rent with flower crowns unfortunately. Thinking that money isn’t important is the exact same thing as thinking that flossing and brushing is irrelevant. Feels great in the moment to avoid what’s pesky, but it ain’t cool when you’re stuck in the dental office with a thousand dollar bill you can’t handle. Do the money mindset work BEFORE it gets worse and start while you’re still ahead.

And, this is how it falters your success forever:

Money compounds on itself. Yes, in terms of compound interest but also in terms of your choices. If you keep touching the edge of your comfort zone but back away in an instant, it’s hard to reach that next level you’re seeking.


6 Reasons Why Most Money Mindset Efforts Totally Tank

(and how to make sure you bust your bad beliefs for good)

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1) You don’t know your bottom beliefs + what’s lurking in your subconscious mind

The bottom belief is the one that’s hanging out deep down and steering the ship of your subconscious mind. For example, you might find yourself saying “I don’t have time to launch that new project.” But, after doing the money mindset work you’ll uncover your truest, deep seated belief is actually “I’m not good enough.” It’s the real WHY behind your stagnation and stuckness. And, uncovering those pesky buggers and ditching ‘em for good is what makes the right money mindset work truly transformational vs. a band-aid fix that only works until you’re faced with a new challenge… which leaves you defaulting to your old patterns. If you don’t identify and ditch the bottom beliefs, then you’re always stuck in the same self-destructive loop - like earning money and then spending it all, living in feast or famine mode, or forever staying in misaligned work with a boss that sucks even though you KNOW better.

2) You have hard time implementing it into your daily life

Maybe you’ve flipped through the pages of a money mindset book or scrolled a blog about the subject. That’s great. But, once you’re done skimming the pages, now what? Are you implementing it? Are you living it every day? Does your freedom reflect your knowledge? Probably not. Most people falter with the implementation and that’s why you need a plug-and-play guide you can take into your REAL life. Just because you have a book on your shelf with the word “millionaire” in the title, it doesn’t mean you’ll become one. In the same way if it says “pancake” you don’t fully turn into a flapjack. Knowledge is nothing. The implementation is everything.

3) You think it’s a “one and done” quick fix

Money mindset actually takes a lot of time to shift. It’s one of the deepest, darkest engraved belief systems we have. There is no silver bullet, quick fix you can swallow, or 5-step hack blog post you can skim to shift the stories you’ve been sitting on for years. (We start imprinting limiting beliefs the most from ages 0 to 7, so you do the math!) On the journey to mastery, you’ll find your own blind spots with money, uncover what your family taught you about money, and deeply analyse your own patterns in order to change. So, you need something that holds your hand through the shift and a trusty teacher you can come back to anytime you get stuck.

4) You “get it” but when shit gets real, you back down and let your excuses win

You know what mastering your money mindset means and you’re doing a decent job exploring the work. Buttttt, between you, me, and the bench post….you secretly make excuses. Maybe you think you’ve made the decision to change your money mindset, but the second it gets hard, super uncomfortable to fling yourself out of your comfort zone, or you risk looking like an idiot… then you freeze in your tracks and stop right there. Then, succumb to a sea of excuses like: “not right now” and “maybe later” and “it’s not flowing well, so I’ll just stop.” This is one of the most irreversibly crippling patterns and it requires the right strategies to shift this pattern.

5) You don’t have step-by-step instructions on HOW to elevate your self worth

So, maybe you’ve heard that “your self worth equals your net worth.” Okay, great! Well, everyone TALKS about the importance of having high self-worth, but… nobody teaches you HOW to get there. How the heck do you find your worth, own it, and uphold it in conversations where someone wants to hire you, but at 50% cheaper than what you normally charge and asks for a discount? Learning how to elevate your worth with precise steps is what actually moves the needle forward when it comes to the money mindset work.

6) You have a lot of shame and shadow around money

Maybe you don’t like talking about it, you’re embarrassed by your lack of funds when you want everyone else to think you’re successful or perhaps you are ashamed you’re not where you want to be yet. Or, maybe you secretly want to make more money and enjoy the finer things in life, but you wouldn’t be caught dead declaring that to your family and friends. (Cuz they would NOT understand AT ALL). Everyone has shame around money, it’s how you release it that matters.


Listen close, I’ve got some secrets to spill….

Even though you THINK you are the only one with money blocks, everyone has them.

A few people will master their money mindset and speed ahead, while others “look” like they have it all figured out on Instagram and just fizzle out in a few years.

And, the main reason for this is that the truly successful entrepreneurs do the money mindset work, dump the mindset blocks that hold them back from abundance, and transform their relationship with money.

But… that’s as long as you can dodge the ditches most would-be successful entrepreneurs fall into. And if you can do that, then you are golden to go after your goals and build a life (and business) that gives you the freedom you desire.

The one thing that enables you to do this is mastering your money mindset.

And with your permission, I’d love to show you how.

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If you’re ready to transform your relationship with money, while avoiding the stress and angst, here’s how we’ll get you there….


Your Money Mindset

with Kelly Trach


Your Money Mindset - by Kelly Trach

Money was my biggest spiritual assignment.

I hit a rock bottom after my 3 tech start-ups I tried to build in Silicon Valley all failed. So, I was back at square one and moved back home to my parent’s house and started my 4th business (which is this one) where I was trying to make enough dough off a $19 ebook to get by (which is ridiculously hard BTW when you only have 11 blog readers).

Money was a huge pain in the ass for me. I complained about it, the cobwebs in my bank account made me insanely stressed, and my lack of funds were always on my mind keeping me up at midnight. “Abundance” sounded like a fake, fluffy, BS fairytale to me because every time I looked at the price tag, the words: “I can’t afford it” rolled off my tongue. I avoided looking at my bills, put my head in the sand all the time, and prayed that maybe my ebook would go viral so I could finally move out of my childhood home.

The thing that pissed me off the most about money was that I was smart, savvy, and not a total bozo. I had a business school honors degree from UBC, worked for Tesla Motors, won 19 different awards and accolades, and I was brainy enough to head to Silicon Valley to build a tech-start up and get into a fancy pre-accelerator program taught by a billionaire venture capitalist…. but WHY THE HECK could I not make money?

It drove me crazy because I couldn’t crack the code.

Then, I had the huge a-ha moment: if I wanted to make good money then I needed to have a good relationship with it.

I was in your shoes. Everything I teach is because I personally struggled with it. The tools are my own. The strategies are ones I’ve spent years developing and I ONLY teach this work because I’ve done the full 180 degree flip. From 3 failed business to running a successful one. From living at home with my parents to being 100% financially independent. From sleeping in my childhood bed to having a gorgeous place of my own. From thinking “I can’t do that because I’m not good enough” to having 100k+ podcast downloads, 3 online courses, and countless clients later.

And now, I want to help you do the same.

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I understand because I was you.

Before I was successful I was struggling. I was living at home with my ‘rents, only making $19 bucks off a lame ebook and barely getting by…. oh and cutting my own hair. Facepalm moment.


Your End Result

Doing what you adore and being well-compensated for it only comes after you’ve transformed your relationship with money and you are in energetic alignment with it.

When you sign up for this course, you’ll stop stressing about money, get out of lack, and you’ll never settle for what’s less than your worth. Once that mindset is in place, you’ll be confident on how to generate more and become magnetic for the freedom you truly desire.


Your Money Mindset

is the only course of it’s kind that emphasises the following…

PINPOINTING the hidden BELIEFS holding you back from your next level

Illuminate your abundance blocks and eradicate bad money patterns for good. With my loving guidance, you’ll reprogram your mindset, re-write your money story, and take on a entirely new belief system that belongs to YOU (not your family and friend’s).

Step-by-step Instructions on how to ElevatE your self-worth

You’ll discover your worth, learn how to own it intrinsically, and release everything that no longer serves you. With the support of this course, you’ll be able to turn down “tests” from the universe like low paying clients who don’t see your value, opportunities that aren’t the right fit, and just maybe that 9-5 that’s sucking your soul.

Finding your bottom BELIEFS so you can Say no + stop settling

Let’s figure out what’s ACTUALLY holding you back from your deepest calling. Is it that you think you’re not good enough? Too different? Not lovable? Let’s go find out what’s lurking below all of your other stories and excuses so we can truly reprogram your thoughts to the RIGHT ones. Enrolling in this course is the difference between tossing a dart and hitting the edge of the board versus right in that juicy center spot.

RELINQUISHING the story that “you can’T make money doing what you love”

In this course, you’ll prove to yourself you can 100% make money doing whatever the heck you want. It’s a function of your mindset, choices, friend group… and it’s way easier than you think to shift this pattern. Then, you can stop settling for misaligned income streams that aren’t lighting you up and make some serious dough from what you desire the most.

IMPLEMENTING it into your everyday life + DECISION making

When it comes to my teaching style, I’m known for how well I can break down my strategies into a step-by-step process that is super supportive and holds your hand every step of the way. I don’t want you to just KNOW the money mindset work, but to LIVE it. And, in order to do that you need to implement it in the simple and realist way I offer. No BS, no fluff, no filler, just the straight up strategies to incorporating this into your life so you can live the way you want versus have to.


Why students are loving it

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This is a no-BS course. I understand the stress of money first hand and time is of the essence here, so let’s get you up and running with my hand-crafted, timeless strategies.

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Your training materials are yours to keep forever, the platform is always open, and you keep all of the recorded lectures. Mastery requires repetition and this course is designed for that.

What Makes Your Money Mindset Different (2).png

I’ve been in your shoes starting from zero, I totally get it, and I’m the right coach to get you outta here. I transformed my entire life with these exact tools. Take my hand and leap.


The curriculum

The Modules_ Your Money Mindset.png

What Happy Students Are Saying

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“After listening to module 3 on self-worth, I realized that with my low paying jobs I was not owning who I am. So, I just took a huge leap, resigned + quit a job. It’s truly liberating to know that by doing this, I am creating energetic space and time for my own business to manifest.”

Julianne Nieh, Founder of Julianne’s Jems + Business School Student


Your Investment By The Numbers

(which breaks down to be incredibly small compared to your next level of income!)

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Join Your Money Mindset today and get…

Your Money Mindset by Kelly Trach

55 Video Trainings

55 video lectures taught by me. All recorded so you can listen again, pause when needed, and take notes. Dedicated coaching to guide you, teach you tools you’ve never heard before, and enable you to reach the freedom level you’ve been seeking.

Your Money Mindset by Kelly Trach

28 Paged Guidebook

Jam-packed with takeaways, journaling prompts, and space for your to re-write your money story, get over your drama, and discover your blind spots. These are precisely the same questions I would give during a one-on-one coaching session.

Your Money Mindset by Kelly Trach

24/7 Lifetime Access

Hop on to the online platform or the app and listen on-the-go. Your course materials are there forever and you can listen anytime. I'm virtually in your pocket.

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7 Modules on Audio

All recorded in MP3 files so you can listen anytime, take the work deeper, and enjoy on repeat.


Join Today

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pay in full: $297

payment plan: 4 installments of $89



I already know this stuff, so can’t I do it on my own? Well, are you where you want to be financially with your business? If so, then you don’t need me! However, if you are like most entrepreneurs, you probably have accumulated a lot of information by now. Here’s the honest truth: if you knew how to do it, you would have done it by now. Give yourself the gift of guidance and the exact level of attention you deserve to remove whatever money blocks stand in your way of you starting and growing your business. Let me just illuminate the path so you can receive the step-by-step plan to transform your relationship with money.

What does self-study mean?  This means the course is fully available to you all at once. It's all pre-recorded and packaged up for you so you can take the class at any time and go at your own pace.

What is the time commitment for this course?  You only need 1 hour a week to be a successful student!

Is this a get rich quick scheme? Ha! God no. Absolutely not. Mastering your money mindset requires time, immense dedication, and unwavering commitment. You can learn strategies to get there faster as I teach you in this course, but you still have to put in the work and commitment. I’m the first to tell you that making money takes time. If you take action, you’ll get there. But, not overnight. Ever.

Can I get a refund?  I kindly don’t offer refunds which I explain here. I do a stellar job of articulating and showcasing what you get when you purchase. And, once you purchase, you have my whole class in your hands. I deeply stand in the value of what I offer and I’m looking for people who are ready to commit to the money mindset work.


Your Money Mindset is perfect for you if:

If you resonate with the following, then you are a perfect fit to enroll in Your Money Mindset, eliminate your money blocks, own your worth, and transform your relationship with money.


You can’t figure out how to crack the money code

You’re smart, you’re hard working, you’re dedicated…but when it comes to money it’s not flowing. So, you scratch your head thinking: “What the literal hell?! This is ridiculous!” You’ve got it all going for you… but the freedom and the next level of income you desire.

You are freaking damn fed up of being in this rut

You’re SO beyond tired of being stuck at this income level, pissed off with the universe that it’s not delivering the money and opportunities you desire, and you are READY to shift this situation cuz it’s driving you bonkers.

You know your self-worth could use a serious upgrade

If you haven’t started your dream business yet, maybe you’re staying in a 9-5 gig when your soul is calling you to go or you are playing it small with your life. If so, your lack of worth is keeping you from where you aim to go. Or, maybe you already have your business up and running, but you’re working for free, not charging enough, or shying away from sales and marketing because it makes you uncomfortable. That too is another indicator of you not knowing how crazy valuable and talented you are.

You’re a seeker, dreamer + staRry-eyed visionary… but the money ISN’T flowing like all the abundance meditations promised

You have all the drive and talent, offer spectacular things to sell, and you are truly excellent at what you do, but the money part of your business isn’t jiving. You feel as if you’re making pennies or perhaps making money is not happening whatsoever for you. You never achieve those quantum leaps like you see others doing. And, when you look at successful people and thriving business owners, you wonder: “what the heck do they know that I don’t?”

When it comes to your deepest desires to start + grow your biz, you feel blocked… but you don’t know why

You have your eyes locked on your next level, but feel like there is a gigantic wall between you and your highest vision. Or perhaps when it comes to going for your dreams, you wrestle with the “should I” or “should I not” decision. Instead, you’d prefer to let Hamlet debate the “to be or not to be” question and just have that deep confidence to go after your highest vision and deepest calling without the mindset blocks standing in your way.

Every decision you make comes down to the cost

You go for the cheaper options versus the lattes, vacations, and items you’d really desire. The story of “I’m afraid to spend my money” might be wormed into your noggin and holding you back from getting the help you deserve.

you secretly BELIEVE your dreams aren’t possible for you

You don’t have a lot of people in your life who are doing the things you wanna do. You see other business owners rocking it on Instagram and you think: “oh, I can’t do that” or “I couldn’t make as much money as them” or “I couldn’t ever have a business that lets me take five-star vacations like that.”

You have a confusing, polarizing relationship with money

You love it, you hate it, you’re scared of it, and you want more, but you’ll never admit it. It’s an up-and-down relationship with a ton of tears, fury, and frustration. But, when you do get your hands on the cash you’re like: “OMG YESSS I LOVE YOU!!!” Just like Katy Perry’s song, with money: “you’re hot and you’re cold.”

Your current money Mindset is sabotaging your Success

Phrases like: “I have to work really hard to make money” and “I can’t make money doing what I love” get the best of you. Or perhaps you think: “If I love this, then I should do it for free instead of charging for it.” And maybe you hold yourself back from making the big bucks because you think: “how will I ever manage it?”


If you nodded your head to at least 5 items above….

Then I’m incredibly excited to see you inside Your Money Mindset. You’re the EXACT person I can help and this course will totally work for you.


Wanna know one of the best things you can do with your money?

Use it to INVEST in learning HOW to make more money + get that juicy freedom flowing in your life a little more!


If you’ve said “yes” again and again…


Click “buy now” and begin your journey.


Back to settling for less than you’re worth, staying at a job that’s misaligned, and not making the life changing income from your business that you deserve.

You can keep wrestling with the worry that you’re not good enough to make money doing what you love, struggling to get well-paid clients, and feelin’ all frantic about how you’ll make more.

You know, from the outside, it might look like I just “got lucky.” But, if you read into my story you’ll uncover that I struggled with money for years, had 3 failed tech-startups that went nowhere, lived at home with my family, and made hardly a dime in the early days (despite the fact I was working like crazy).

Then, I mastered my money mindset with the tools and strategies I’ll share with you in this course. And, it was truly the catalyst that turned my whole life around. I started making solid full-time income, I moved out of my family home and into a gorgeous apartment, booked big guests on the podcast, built more online courses, really stepped into my worth, started selling a several thousand dollar course, tripled my coaching rates, hired a team, went on 5-star holidays, and all of a sudden things were groovin’ and flowing and I had more freedom than ever.

And, it all started with the decision to transform my money mindset.

Now, I want to help you do the same.


Join Now

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pay in full: $297

payment plan: 4 installments of $89