Your Best Life


In 50 days, finally have the courage + the confidence to go after your dreams.

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So you can start the business that’s been tugging on your heartstrings, launch your soul’s calling and live the life you’ve always imagined.


Without worrying about what other people will think, backing out due to your nagging fear of failure, and doubting yourself that you’re “not good enough.”


Chances are, you already know this…

If you’re a person who’s daydreaming about starting their own business (but still working full-time in a cubicle), a creative soon-to-be-entrepreneur who’s made the decision to go for it (but is shaking in their boots like crazy), or a side hustler who’s just past the initial starting point (yet still struggling) then you probably already know you have a lot of fear, doubt, and worry that’s holding you back from giving it your everything, putting yourself out there, and playing big with your biz.

After all, you probably already KNOW that mastering your mindset is the key tipping point that will allow you to FINALLY launch your soul’s calling to create the freedom, life, and business you desire.

Perhaps you’ve realized that negative stories have been running through your noggin for a while now. Maybe it’s the story that “you’re not good enough” or “other people are just doing it so much better” or “how will I ever be successful at this?” These are the kinds of things that keep you up late at night. Maybe what keeps your dreams at bay is the worry about what your co-workers will think of you when you launch your shiny new Squarespace site or what your in-laws will ponder when you announce that you want to make money off THIS new thing (versus what you probably went to school for).


Yet, here’s what you might not know…


After mastering your fear, doubt, and worry you can:

Dump limiting BELIEFS like “i’m not good enough” + have the courage to go for it

Does your inner critic like to run lose in your head all the time? You know… that voice that pops into your head anytime you dream about your business, ogle someone’s website who you admire, or listen to a podcast where the host is pretty accomplished? Do you think “it’s not possible for me” or that “you can’t be as successful as others?” With the mindset work, you can totally break up with the limiting beliefs that hold you back. Chances are, they have held you back for months (even years!) already.

stop worrying about other people’s opinions + feeling stagnated by JUDGMENT

Are your friends and family wondering WTF you’re doing? Do you worry about what your connections on LinkedIn will think? What your old professors and current co-workers will say? Are people trying to talk you OUT of doing this? Telling you to “be careful” or remind you that “you invested so much in your degree and your career so far” (implying that you’d be crazy to walk away now). As a person who’s launched four businesses, I know how much it stinks when people dump all of their own fears and doubts on your dreams. (For heaven’s sake, you already have enough of your own to fret about!) With the right mindset tools, you’ll know how to set loving (yet firm) boundaries, how to overcome your fear of judgment from others, and feel so insanely confident in your dreams.

put yourself out there, talk about your work confidently + share it PUBLICLY

No more hiding behind your laptop and praying that nobody finds your blog, being terrified of going on Instagram stories and showing your face, or sweating about how you’ll introduce yourself at a party when someone inquires about what you do for a living. If you’re still not “all in” on your biz and you’ve been hiding your work, doing it in secret, then you know how it feels to live in limbo. (And not in a good way like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce). After mastering your mindset, you’ll finally feel ready to give your business your all, slap photos of yourself all over it, plaster your heart-centered message all over social media, and share it publicly. (Cuz even though you’re incredibly scared, you want the world to know about your work!)

RElease what no longer serves you, like soul-sucking jobs

Do you find yourself in misaligned work? Or, hanging out with too many folks who just don’t “get it” and aren’t dreamers like you? When you do the mindset work, you’ll uncover what really lights your fire and release everything else that isn’t. If you’ve been holding on to a lame job for far too long, a misaligned friendship, or home environment that makes you less than thrilled, then you’re in the right spot to start changing it so that you can feel more free.

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If you wanna know why you’re not living the life you desire yet, it’s because your mindset is holding you back.


Yet, even though mastering your mindset seems obvious, the process of how you transform a lifetime’s worth of crippling fear, doubt, and worry is anything but obvious.


Live my best life?

OMG, yes please!

But HOW will I ever get there?


Perhaps you’ve started the self-development journey.

You’ve wandered to your local bookstore to flip through the pages of the latest New York Times best-selling self-help book or you’ve binge listened to your favorite podcasters (who feel like your bestie) while nodding your head saying “preach, sister!” Maybe you’ve journaled your thoughts in a pretty floral notebook with a warm earl grey tea in your hand.

If you’re devoted to the journey, you’ve purchased books, enrolled in classes, showed up at events where your idols were speaking, and maybe even invested in hiring your first coach.

Yet, even with the truest of intentions, most people fail to nix the invisible mindset blocks that hold them back so when they attempt to “go for it” after feeling jazzed n’ hopeful, the effort fizzles out and they fall back to square one wondering “why am I STILL here?”

Here’s why most people never truly master their mindset.

Maybe you say you’re committed to your dreams, but when push comes to shove, you’re still working that 9-5, not taking enough action to get your business off the ground, and not fully playing to win. You say you want this dream life, but your actions prove otherwise. Your goals are just a “would be nice to have” versus an “absolute must.” (And FYI: nothing really changes until things become a total must!)

Or, perhaps life gets in the way of your goals - school, a work project, vacations, dentist appointments... you know the drill! Soon, a year has gone by since you didn’t prioritize your goals and your inner critic says: “ha! I knew you couldn’t do it.” So, you feel even FURTHER behind and miles away and you kick yourself for never getting around to it.

And, this is how people never end up living their best life:

Living your best life is an intentional choice. One that requires you to put your stake in the ground once and for all and DECIDE to truly go for it. No more half-assing it or wavering on the “corporate vs. entrepreneur” debate. Most people don’t declare that “THIS IS IT! I’m doing it folks!” So, without this, dreams stay as dreams. Years go by. You’re still working that 9-5 that sucks, and eventually you wind up wondering: “how did I waste so many years not doing what I wanted?”


3 Reasons Why Most Mindset Tips Don’t Stick

(and how to ensure your unwavering strong mindset lasts for the long-run)

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1) You’ve got short-term tools, but don’t know how to reprogram your mindset for good.

The apple can be bright n’ shiny red on the outside, but there could be a big green worm lurking in the middle when you take a bite. If you don’t address the subconscious mind, the inner dialogue, and do the inner work, then the outside doesn’t really matter. The same thing goes with affirmations, mantras, and journaling exercises - perfect for the short term, but not sold enough to help you take on an entirely new belief system.

2) You’ve been told to just “take action.” But, the needle isn’t moving much despite your efforts.

Take action, just do it, 5 second rules… you’ve probably heard all the slogans. But, if you’re taking action BEFORE you master your mindset, you’ll end up sabotaging your own success. So, if you’re googling “how to build a website” and simultaneously wondering: “who the hell will ever read this?” then you’re not addressing the root issue at play. Yet, if you take action AFTER you master your fear, doubt, and worry then it’s like pushing a rock down the hill. Way easier and things happen much faster!

3) Although you’re a self-help junkie, you secretly still think you’re “not good enough.”

Chances are, you LOVE the world of personal development and self exploration. A book junkie after my own heart! So, you’re probably doing ALL the self-help stuff, but one big ‘ol block ALWAYS crops up at the most inconvenient times when you’re on the brink of blasting to the upside… it’s the dreaded “I’m not good enough” narrative. If you’re still having this issue, your mindset is still holding you back big time.

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Let me dish the dirt….

Even though you think you’re not where you’re meant to be in life right now, it’s a common sinking feeling.

Only a select few soon-to-be successful entrepreneurs will truly master their mindset and race ahead of the pack, while others appear to be taking action on their dreams (yet self-sabotaging in the process).

This is because the successful folks KNOW they need to address their nagging inner critic, relentless self-doubt, and fears of judgement BEFORE they take action on their dreams.

But… that’s only if you avoid the common pitfalls most soon-to-be successful entrepreneurs fall into. And if you can achieve that, then your vision of doing heart-centered work and serving others in a greater, more meaningful way awaits.

The one thing that enables you to achieve this is mastering your mindset.

And with your permission, I’d love to show you how.


If you’re ready to have the courage to go after whatever you desire, while dodging the self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fears, and nagging worry, here’s how we’ll get you there….


Your Best Life

with Kelly Trach



I was in your shoes

My initial attempts at starting a business were 3 tech startups that didn’t go anywhere. I spent all this time working on them, booking flights to SF, networking, getting meetings, and it was deeply frustrating and soul crushing to watch every single one tank… And, when I started my 4th business (which is this one) I really struggled at the start. I had no idea how people were “crushing it” on Instagram and flying first class because I was only making $19.99 off an ebook and working from my childhood bedroom.

I teach the mindset work because I used to believe I wasn’t “good enough” to do my own thing. That I wasn’t “special enough” or “talented enough” to join the ranks of my idols. I always thought pursuing your dreams was for “other people.” Until the universe pretty much made me because after start-up number three, I really had nothing left to lose. (Like, really. Nothing left to lose). I teach people how to overcome their fear, doubt, and worry because I used to have a crap load of it that talked me out of doing my soul’s calling for a long time.

Everything I teach is because I personally struggled with it. The tools are my own. The strategies are ones I’ve spent years developing and I ONLY teach this work because I’ve done the full 180 degree flip. From 3 failed businesses to doing 6-figures in sales. From living at home with my parents to being financially independent. From thinking “I can’t do that because I’m not good enough” to having 100k+ podcast downloads and 100+ 5-star reviews, 3 online courses, and booking countess clients.

I teach this work because I was in your shoes and I TOTALLY get it. I’ve been there.

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Your End Result

Living your best life and highest vision only comes after you've mastered your mindset because when you get the inside right, the outside falls into place.

When you sign up for this course, you’ll be able to stop listening to your inner critic, relinquish that worn-out story of “I’m not good enough,” and no longer settle for a life that’s less than your dreams.

Once that mindset is in place, you’ll be able to confidently have the courage to pursue what you desire, share your ambitions publicly without worrying what others will think, and launch your heart-centered business once and for all.


Your Best Life

is the only course of it’s kind that emphasises the following…

Step-by-step instructions on rebooting your mindset + adopting new beliefs

Most people don’t even KNOW why they’re staying stuck and stagnant. Let alone HOW to pick a new belief since the woes of “I’m not good enough” have been lurking for far too long. So, in this course you’ll unearth the limiting beliefs that have held you back for years. Then, you’ll select the new empowering beliefs that set you up for success and reprogram them into your subconscious mind. This course hands you the tools to overcome issues that crop up for you (that you might not see) which keep you stuck, uncertain and blocked.

Stopping the story that “you AREN'T’ good enough”

Let’s figure out what’s ACTUALLY holding you back from your deepest calling. Is it that you think you’re not good enough? Too different? Not lovable? Let’s go find out what’s lurking below all of your other stories and excuses so we can truly reprogram your thoughts to the RIGHT ones. Enrolling in this course is the difference between tossing a dart and hitting the edge of the board versus right in that juicy center spot.

No longer feel frozen by your fear of rejection, failure + judgment

Your Best Life is intentionally designed so you FINALLY go for your big, bold dream. You’ll learn how to tune into your own intuition and release the stories about how you SHOULD be and what you SHOULD do with your life. As a result, you’ll become rooted in your own desires and soulful instincts versus falling continuously prey to what other people think. When you acknowledge your true self, get connected to your inner knowingness, and trust the magic of your heart, you’ll be able to quiet the fears of rejection, failure and judgement.

Lovingly establish boundaries, say no + release what no longer serves you

Waive goodbye to your pesky people pleasing tendencies! With this course, you’ll learn how to uncover your boundaries, discover where you still need to establish them, and how to do it in an easy (yet super loving way) that feels good for everyone. Whether that’s your boss that keeps you working late, your partner who “doesn’t get it,” or your sis who questions why you’re even trying to start a biz, you’ll know EXACTLY what to say and how to say it. Plus, if you’re looking to find the courage to transition out of your job or find some new elevated friendships, Your Best Life will support you in releasing what no longer serves you so you can make way for the new.

quit worrying about other people’s OPINIONS

If you’re ready to stop losing sleep about what your co-workers will think when you launch your site, or what your cousin will say at dinner, or what snide remarks will surface from the lips of your college friends when they see you “going for it,” then you’re in the right spot. By the end of this course, you’ll be so certain of your own success and confident in yourself that this stuff won’t even phase you anymore.


Why students are loving it


Wherever you are or whatever journey you are on, these strategies are flexible and applicable to your situation.

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Your training materials are yours to keep forever, the platform is always open, and you keep all of the recorded lectures.

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With no fluffy filler content, this course is designed so you can use these actionable and easy tools in your daily life.


The curriculum

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What Happy Students Are Saying


Ella Ryder

Lifestyle YouTuber + Blogger

“Kelly really is a master at the mindset work. I'm so glad I signed up to the course because I resonated with her energy and way of speaking. I love the personal stories Kelly gives to back up her teachings, it makes it so relatable. If you're like me and are someone who likes to have implementable steps on how to start moving forward and changing your life then this is the course for you. Get ready to live your best life!”


Kristy Vail

Podcast Host, Life Coach & Founder of Kristy Vail Studio

“I would best describe Kelly’s Your Best Life course as a joyful and transformative experience. Her warmth and energy on video is so captivating and the content is gold. I especially love that she shares actionable strategies which I implement daily. This course feels as good as having coffee with a very wise friend - I would highly recommend it!”


Lauren Natalia

Fashion Expert, Blogger + Founder of Lauren Natalia

"Your Best Life is a course that has been truly life changing for me. Kelly’s inspiring energy, paired with her warm and uplifting teaching style raises you up and helps you to meet her there. I am so happy I took the plunge and joined this course, it has been one of the best investments in myself I’ve ever made. Whether you’re planning big life changes or just want to feel more confident and free right where you are now, you will love this course!"

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Jamie Wong

“I learned that I have all the possibilities within me, that I needed to understand what old stories I was telling myself, and what previous identities I was clinging to that made it difficult for me to move forward. I’ve learned how to let go and tune-in to what I most need. Your Best Life helped me understand that I needed to let go of what no longer served me and I realized I needed to leave my job. I now felt more confident and became attuned to the chaos that I’d blocked out for years. Kelly is so insightful, compassionate and positive. I feel so much happier and fulfilled since I’ve gone on my journey with the guidance of Kelly.”


Your Investment By The Numbers

(which breaks down to be incredibly small compared to how much money you could be making if you had the courage to play big with your business dreams!)

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Join Your best life today and get…

Your Money Mindset by Kelly Trach

63 Video Trainings

63 video lectures taught by me. All recorded so you can listen again, pause when needed, and take notes. Dedicated coaching to guide you, teach you tools you’ve never heard before, and enable you to reach the freedom level you’ve been seeking.

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40 Paged Guidebook

Jam-packed with takeaways, journaling prompts, and space for you to rewrite your story, get over your drama, and discover your blind spots. These are precisely the same questions I would give you during a one-on-one coaching session.

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24/7 Lifetime Access

Hop on to the online platform or the app and listen on-the-go. Your course materials are there forever and you can listen anytime. I'm virtually in your pocket.


8 Modules on Audio

All recorded in MP3 files so you can listen anytime, take the work deeper, and enjoy on repeat.


Join Today


pay in full: $197

payment plan: 4 installments of $59

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Can’t I find all this mindset work for free online? By all means if you want to keep wasting your time googling a million things, then go for it. When you pay, you pay attention. And when you pay up, you show up. So, let me ask you this: how far as surfing the web for free got you so far? (Don’t you think this just contributes to how you’ve been playing small in your life versus getting the real help you need?) You are ready to learn from someone who’s been in your shoes so you can just get the exact help and guidance you need. Let me just illuminate the path so you can receive the step-by-step plan and my hand-crafted strategies designed to help you actually go for it!

What does self-study mean?  This means the course is available to you any time. It's pre-recorded and packaged up for you so you can enroll now and go at your own pace.

What is the time commitment for this course?  You only need 1 hour per week to be a successful student!

How does it work? Each week, you get one module delivered to your inbox. (This keeps things overwhelm-free!) Then, all you need to do is watch the weekly videos and implement the work into your daily life. Despite the fact that I teach courses for a living, I actually hate homework. (Ha!) I’ve designed this course so you can do the mindset work in REAL TIME as you live your life. For example, you watch the video on how to say no and when your boss asks you to stay late when you’ve already booked a yoga class, then you lovingly know what to say. The goal of Your Best Life is to implement it into your everyday life, not sit around journaling for hours on end (only to struggle when you gotta pipe up and set a boundary with a negative nelly who’s dismissing your dreams).

Can I get a refund?  I kindly don’t offer refunds which I explain here. I do a stellar job of articulating and showcasing what you get when you purchase. And, once you purchase, you’ll get my whole course in the next few weeks. I deeply stand in the value of what I offer and I’m looking for people who are ready to commit to the mindset work.


Your Best Life is perfect for you if:

If you resonate with the following, then you are a perfect fit to enroll in Your Best Life, conquer your self-doubt, master your inner critic, and dump your pesky self-limiting beliefs telling you that you’re “not good enough.”


Want to launch a soul-centered business

Your biggest dream is to be able to quit your 9-5, run a successful business, and work for yourself full-time. You want to help others in the same way that your favorite podcasters, speakers and authors do, and you’d LOVE to serve in that same capacity. You’ve either got a dream to build a biz or you’ve started but it’s only an initial start and you’re not fully monetizing it (like a half-started Squarespace site or a new Instagram account to promote your new biz).

Your biggest fear is you’ll put yourself out there and flop

You’re great at people pleasing and you always want to make sure other people perceive you in a way that is flattering. So, you’ve been using every excuse in the book to NOT put yourself out there - just in case you flop in public and have to go back to your corporate gig with your tail between your hind legs. You’re worried you’ll get negative feedback, eyerolls from annoying cousins, or bad attention. You’re concerned people won’t see the value in your stuff or totally discredit you. Or, even worse just total crickets and no interest at all.

You’ve had a long-held dream for months (even years)… But not taking action

You’ve had this dream to “do your own thing” for a long time. (Maybe even to the tune of 5+ years). But, it’s always been something on the back-burner, other stuff gets in the way, and lo and behold it never happens.

You feel like you’re not where you should be at in life + you haven’t REALIZed your deepest potential

Perhaps you feel like you’re not contributing to the world. Instead, you want to use the tools in your tool-belt that you’ve cultivated to live a really inspiring, creative, and flowing life. Plus, you want to do the things you adore and be an example for other people to show them it’s possible too. You have a deep calling to be of service to the world.

You have a fear you’re not enough

You see your role models sharing openly on Instagram, holding a microphone on stage, leading a small group of women, writing books, working with cool clients and you think: “oh, I can’t do that” which is followed by the inner critic’s words of “I’m not good enough.” Deep down, you think your idols are on a totally different playing field than you, you aren’t “as good” as them, and that level of success is for “other people.”

You doubt yourself + say “it’s not POSSIBLE for me”

As you daydream the possibilities, your inner critic doesn’t waste a second. She’ll barge in and say sh*t like: “you can’t do it because you’re not as talented as her” or “who would ever want to buy from you?” Or, “you’ll never be as good as them.” The voice of your inner critic is pretty darn loud. It’s like a radio station that blares in the background 24/7 anytime you try to do something new or cool. So, the self-doubt (and self-sabotage) kicks in and your dreams never happen.

You don’t want to keep putting your dreams off

You deeply resonate with Anaïs Nin’s quote: “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Right now, you feel like staying in this tight bud is dampening your vibe, your juicy life force, and bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed mojo. Whether that’s your soul sucking gig or a career path you’ve been in for far too long, you’re ready to make the move. You don’t want to waste another day just surviving and not THRIVING.


If you nodded your head to at least 5 items above….

Then I’m super duper stoked to see you inside Your Best Life. You’re the EXACT person I can help and this course will totally work for you.


Ready to live the life you’ve always imagined?

You’re so close, sister! All you gotta do is say YES!


If you’ve been scrolling and saying “OMG YES” over and over…

Then click “buy now” and begin your journey.


Back to a soul sucking job, a life that looks good on the outside (yet is deeply unfulfilling), and not living life on your terms.

You can keep worrying about your fear of judgement, struggling with the narrative you’re not “good enough” and stuck with your dreams in cruise control as others whizz past you at warp speed.

People assume I just waltzed into this online business world being confident as hell, selling stuff left and right, and being stoked to get on Instagram live all the time. That was NOT the case.

I used to think I could NEVER do this work in a million years. That this was for “other people” and not more. That I was not as good as my own idols. And I wondered: “who would ever hire ME as their coach?”

Then, I mastered my mindset with the hand-crafted strategies I’ll share with you in this course. When I started to think differently, everything changed. (To the point where I can’t even recognize my old life anymore). From living in my parent’s house and working from my childhood bedroom to living in a gorgeous apartment of my own. From wondering who in the heavens would follow my work to having 100k+ podcast downloads and 100+ 5-star reviews from all corners of the globe. From making pennies and selling $19 ebooks, to generating a solid full-time income and rocking 6-figures in sales. From doing everything by myself to having 7 people support me on the team. From working 24/7 to having a life where we take nice vacations 2 to 3 times a year to Hawaii, Europe, and California.

And, it all started with the decision to live my best life.

Now, I want to help you do the same.


Join Now


pay in full: $197

payment plan: 4 installments of $59