Your Conscious Empire

Build a heart-centered digital business, do what you adore and free yourself financially. An online course teaching you step-by-step how to build your digital empire from scratch.



As a four time entrepreneur, I struggled for years to get a successful digital business off the ground.

My 3 tech startups all failed. So, I started a blog, worked like crazy, and assumed I would get rich off a $19 ebook and become the next Gwyneth Paltrow.

I was hardly “changing the world.” In fact, I was burnt out, living at home with my parents, and hardly making a single dime in the early days.

It wasn’t until I learned how to find my zone of genius and monetize it properly.

Now, I run a thriving digital business, live the laptop life, make 80% of my income while I interview cool podcast guests and lay on the beaches of Hawaii, and teach my work to thousands worldwide. Plus, I have a global clientele of female entrepreneurs who live successful and deeply fulfilling lives.

Here’s the thing I want you to know about my success: I’m not special.

I simply learned how to turn my skills into a profitable digital business. And now I want to help you do the same.


Why I'm Your Perfect Teacher

I've seen business from all angles - business school, entrepreneurship school, silicon valley, 3-failed tech startups, and then actually hitting it out of the park. There is no substitute for true, hands-on, experience crafting a company and knowing what it takes to grow it successfully.

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I'm a scholarship honors business school grad from the UBC Sauder School of Business with a specialization in marketing.

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With my previous tech startups, Silicon Valley’s ultra strategic way taught me everything about getting stuff off the ground fast and scaling quickly.

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I’ve crafted my my own incredibly different way of running a heart-led, conscious business. I'll teach you everything about the new way of earning and leading.

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Your Core Learnings

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to program your mindset for success. After this, you'll never say: "I'm not good enough.” Or, “I can't.” Or, “it's already been done before."

  • Discover your zone of genius, what you can truly turn into a business, and how you’ll make money from that deep passion of yours.

  • My step-by-step strategy that turns your ideas into a business that grooves with your soul, aligns with your values, and generates consistent monthly income.

  • How to test and validate your ideas before you craft your product to ensure that you’ll be wildly profitable.

  • How to build a devoted community and fanbase and turn that audience in paid customers and clients.

  • How to craft a platform, reach a way broader audience and master the art of high-vibe marketing. (‘Cause good marketing doesn’t feel like marketing).

  • A step-by-step roadmap to starting and growing a digital business that can support you full-time.

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Your End Result

If you do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.

Let me just teach you how to harness that passion and turn it into a profitable, digital business that can support you full-time. It’s all about tapping into your zone of genius, creating passive income products and offering 1:1 service-based work that feels so aligned with your gifts, and shining your bright light to serve thousands and thousands of people who are just waiting to hear your message (and buy your stuff).

Enroll now and get my step-by-step formula for building a heart-centered, entirely digital empire that enables you to be location independent and hit consistent income.

What makes Your conscious empire different?

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Your training materials are yours to keep forever, the platform is always open, and you keep all of the recorded lectures. You can come back at each step along your journey.


For the 100% digital-based entrepreneur who seeks to be location independent running their business from a laptop.


Designed for ease, simplicity, and a plug-and-play business strategy. It’s super easy and you’ll never pull out your hair wondering “WTF?” at midnight.

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80% of starting a business and becoming successful requires mastering your fear, doubt and worry. You'll adopt a vibrant new perspective and finally feel that everything is possible for you.


Looking to generate passive income from online courses, ebooks and other digital goods? You’re in the right place.


Some people think there’s no roadmap to being a digital entrepreneur. Well, I have one and you learn my full formula and secrets here.

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You'll rewrite the traditional rules and lead with your values instead. This is your soul grooving, aligned, conscious business with integrity that feels so damn good.


Transpire change globally and build a dedicated following for your podcast, YouTube channel, and social media platforms.


Uncover how to make consistent monthly income to pay yourself a full-time salary, cover rent, travel whenever, and live the life you desire.

How it works

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140 Video Trainings taught in 13 Modules

140 high-level, world-class, video trainings. All recorded so you can listen again, pause when needed, and implement right away. Dedicated coaching to hold your hand step-by-step as you start and grow your business.

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The Guidebook

You handbook that teaches you how to eradicate any mindset blocks holding you back, discover your zone of genius, find your ideal client, and turn your passion into profit.

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How-To Guides

Deep dive into my guidebooks on how to start a podcast, create best-selling courses, ebooks, craft exceptional content, YouTube videos, and Instagram strategies that sell and serve your audience at the same time. These are the precise strategies that have made my business ultra-successful. The nitty gritty details you've been asking for.

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The High-Vibe Communication Handbook

Master the art of high-vibe communication, spread your light, and make your impact on the world. This is all about how to properly write, speak, talk and engage in your audience. Public speaking, writing emails, and sharing your message is truly an art. How you communicate with people is the difference between an average income and an exceptional one. With this guide, you'll be ready to rise.

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Templates + Scripts

Loaded with simple plug-and-play templates, real examples of podcast pitches, email pitches, website pages, and actual samples of what truly works. You'll know exactly what to say, how to say it, and what it should look like. All with images and visuals included. My goal is for your work to sell itself. This is how you do it.

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Learn Anytime

Hop on to the online platform or the app and listen on-the-go. Your course materials are there forever and you can listen anytime. Plus, you get lifetime access to the course and you can re-watch at every phase of your business.


This is the level of detail you get in this course


The curriculum

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What happy students have to say



Lauren Natalia

Blogger & Founder of Lauren Loves Laughter

“Kelly is the perfect teacher for anyone wanting to start their own “thing” in the online world, but who just isn’t quite sure how to go about it. I love her teaching style, I knew she had really valuable advice to share, and it wouldn’t just be “fluff” that I could easily find myself elsewhere. I really loved how it’s helped give me direction. You can tell from everything Kelly puts out that she has really high standards and takes a lot of pride in her work, and this was definitely the case for this course - it is jam packed with great content. I decided that it was time to give my entrepreneurial dreams a chance! Now, I feel so much more confident and clear.”

IMG_3956 (1).jpg

Charlotte Kaye

Coach, Podcaster & Founder of Airy Fairy Feminist

“Your Conscious Empire is the only high vibe, fun-loving, business school I would ever want to attend. Kelly breaks down (sometimes intimidating) business concepts into bite size, actionable chunks, and I cannot believe how much beautiful content is included. Kelly lays it all out. I am embarking on my dream business of supporting women on their journey to radical badassness and with the marketing and business tools from Your Conscious Empire I am confident that I will thrive in supporting my clients.”

Ange Severo 2.jpg

Ange Severo

Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Meditation Guide

“I am so grateful for Kelly for having created the most amazing course I have ever purchased. Your Conscious Empire talks about the real stuff and it’s beyond useful. Think about all those things that hold you back and she has it covered! I am taking some much out of this course, applying on my own business and watching the changes unfold. Kelly is a badass when it comes to the mindset stuff and business strategy. She is also so inspiring, encouraging and kind. This is no ordinary business course. It goes way beyond everything I have ever seen out there. Thank you Kelly for being so generous and sharing your knowledge with the world! You’re awesome!”


Zan Farrow

Interior Designer & Founder of Zan Farrow Design

“Your Conscious Empire has all the fundamental business practices, Kelly has incredible tips and tricks, and it even goes into the mindset work. Kelly is a great coach, I totally resonate with her, and working with her has totally paid off. Your Conscious Empire is worth WAY more than what Kelly's charging! I'm serious! There is so much information, it's so valuable, and it's so easy to implement. Everyone needs that. I feel light years ahead already!”

Your Investment By The Numbers

Your Conscious Empire By The Numbers.png

Your Conscious Empire is for you if:

  • You have a lot of ideas, but need help picking one and turning it into a business. You want a finalized idea, clarity on what you’ll offer and sell, and the next steps on how to do it.

  • Don’t know how to get started and stay focused. This course will hold your hand every step of the way and give you a roadmap on how to move forward. Let me be the digital business expert and just implement my step-by-step strategy.

  • You aren’t sure about what you’re really good at and you need help finding your zone of genius.

  • You are stoked to build a business that fills your spirit, ignites your soul, and follow that big calling on your life to expand, rise up, and teach your gifts.

  • You currently feel overwhelmed and the thought of creating a business feels daunting. Instead, you want it to feel really easy with a lot of step-by-step hand-holding through a formal process. (FYI: making business easy and ultra simple is what I’m known for).

  • You want to leave your current full-time job and have your business match that salary instead. You want to be free to do your own thing and have income stream matching your desires and values.

  • Want to create passive income (by selling online courses and ebooks) so you that you can make money in an easier way.

  • Desire consistency in your business instead of an up-and-down roller coaster of emotions.

  • Are ready to reach a broader audience and have a platform where people look up to you as the thought leader and expert in your field. If you’d like to start your own podcast, YouTube channel, or have a big social media following to share your message with the world. Or, you already have an audience, but you need help monetizing it.

  • You want the flexibility to work anywhere, travel anytime, and have a location independent life.

  • Desire to gain confidence in marketing your products and putting yourself out there. And have a website that you’re really proud of when people start coming your way.

  • You nod your head when I say words like the universe, manifestation, and living in alignment.

  • You want to contribute to the world, feel recognized by the people you serve, and have an outlet of expression that helps others.

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This is an investment in your potential.

Students sometimes worry: “how am I supposed to invest in my business if it’s just an idea or not making any money yet?” Your Conscious Empire is an investment in your dreams and potential. Taking this course will teach you HOW to make money in fully clarity online so that you can say yes to the calling on your life.

Enroll Now


or 4 installments of $600




What does self-study mean?  This means that the course is fully available to you all at once. It's all pre-recorded and packaged up for you so that you can take the class at any time, go at your own pace, and enroll anytime.

How are the 13 modules structured?  Each module has 1-hour of video coaching and it's intended for you to pause and play as you go. Modules also include downloads, ebooks, and links so you're crystal clear and you've got visual examples and outlines of what I'm teaching you.

What is the time commitment?  The whole course is 18 hour total, broken into videos that are 5 - 10 minutes each. It’s designed so that you listen, learn, and then implement right away. It’s my job to get you up, running, and profitable fast.

Why is it so expensive? Great question! By the end of this course, you will have built a whole business and made money with my step-by-step roadmap. You’ll learn all the basics of online business like idea creation, building a website, sales, marketing, creating a following, and launching products all in ONE spot. Now, other course creators usually teach one particular topic per course (like digital marketing or sales) and those singular courses retail for roughly $500 each. That means, if you do this piece by piece, you’ll need 13 courses at $500 a pop, therefore costing you $6,500. With Your Conscious Empire, I teach it all to you here for $2,000.

How is this course different than other business courses?  Great question! It’s TOTALLY different. Firstly, it’s ONLY intended for people who want purely digital businesses. (Meaning that your whole business runs off your laptop, you’re location independent, and you can work from anywhere in the world). It’s also designed for passive income (like selling online courses or ebooks) so that you can make money in an easy way that serves your global community. You’ll also learn how to build an online platform where people trust you as an established thought leader and you’ll know how to create a platform like a podcast, YouTube channel, and stellar social media accounts. Lastly, it’s EVERYTHING in one spot that’s required to start and grow a digital business. Many other courses out there just specialize in one of the modules I offer, but in Your Conscious Empire you get the full package and my complete formula to success online. It's truly unlike anything else. 

How is this different than business coaching with you?  I’m known for my step-by-step easy implementation and formula to starting and growing a digital business. I teach you the HOW all in this course. In coaching, my clients all have this same foundation and we just refine everything further. So, you are in truly good hands.

What if I have a brick-and-mortar store or want to sell physical goods?  Unfortunately, this course is NOT for you. Your Conscious Empire is about building a 100% online business with only digital products and 1:1 service-based work that you can still do from anywhere in the world. You know, the kind where you can work from anywhere, make passive income, have a platform that reaches millions and offer divine digital products that serve your global audience. 

Will I get your personal help and feedback?  Because this is self-study, you'll be learning individually. I'd recommend starting with this course and if you need more support, take a peek at my one-on-one coaching!

Can I get a refund?  This course is final sale. I ask that you commit 100% to being here and showing up. Integrity, life ownership, and personal accountability are what I teach and I practice that through my coaching policy. I encourage you to explore the terms and conditions here.

Is this course guaranteed to work?  As always, you get what you invest into it. Your success is dependent on your desire, drive, and devotion. (I know you have it!)

Do you offer a payment plan?  Yes, indeed! You can pay 4 installments of $600 each month and it's billed automatically to your credit card automatically. Easy peasy!


“It's working like a bible for me. Whenever I’m freaking out, I always go back to it. It's like a roadmap, I love it, and literally all of Kelly’s secrets are here. I used to think it was expensive & now that I'm in it, I don't think it's expensive anymore.”

If you’ve answered “OMG yes” again and again…

Click “buy now” and begin your journey.

Or, you can choose to go back to life as usually.

Back to working a job you dislike, never making full-time income from doing what you adore, and wondering “why is entrepreneurship SO damn hard?”

From the outside, it might look like I just “got lucky.” But, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll uncover that I struggled for years with failed businesses that went nowhere.

Then, I learned the skills and systems I’ll share with you in this course. And, in two years I build a thriving online business that paid me a full-time income, allowed me to build a team, teach thousands worldwide through my podcast, courses, and coaching practice. Now, I want to help you do the same.

Enroll Now


or 4 installments of $600