You're Always on Your Path, Even When it Sucks

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If you feel like life isn't working in your favor right now, listen to this.


You are always on the "right path," even if it feels like you're not. Life is always working in your favor, flowing in your favor and you are being divinely guided no matter what. 

Yes, even if it sucks. Even if it's the absolute worst. Even if you feel like you are the shittiest job of all times and your boss is a total tool.

When you feel the contrast, you're simply collecting more data for what you do really want instead. Where you are at right now might not be bad at all - you might be simply taking a break at the side of the highway eating a sandwich before you get back on the road. 

You're always on your path, no matter where you are.



In this episode, you'll learn:


- About the highway metaphor and analogy that I use to illustrate your path.

- Why you shouldn't do shoulder checks on other people's lives. 

- That even if you are feeling stuck, confused, or stagnant you are still on your path.

- That everything is giving you contrast - good and bad, light and dark, black and white. Even if it's bad right now, it's giving you clues and guidance about what you do really want.

- That when you look back, you'll see how you've been divinely guided even through the parts you didn't like and it was preparing you for what you have now.


Resources mentioned:


- The Importance of Staying in Your Own Lane — The Kelly Trach Show

- Your Best Life. My online, self-study, best-selling course on how to build a life you love by starting with the inner work first and mastering your mindset

- Coaching. Hire me as your coach and let's get the vision rollin' by starting with your mindset. 

- The questions you can use for self-inquiry live are here on my coaching page. 


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