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A love note reminding you to stop dimming your light.



If things are going really well for you, pipe up and share. 'Cause that's genuine authenticity. If you're playing it down and not addressing it, then you aren't exactly speaking your truth either.

A lot of my coaching clients (and also my former self) had a hard time sharing how great things were actually going. I get it: you're worried that it might make someone feel inadequate and you don't want to come across as an egotistic nincompoop. 

In this conversation, you'll learn to turn that thought around. I talk about the concept of humility and how shining our light actually allows others to rise up.

This episode is a breath of fresh air since I am giving you the permission to speak up and share how great things are going. (Not that you need permission to do stuff, but sometimes we all need a reminder).

So, if you are nailing the parent-teacher interviews, hitting it out of the park at work, or your shit is so together that your dog's nails are clipped every month, then share your honest truth. 

When you start opening up and sharing your greatness, it enables others to do the same. Plus, it allows you to fully own your gifts and show up as who you really are.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- That being humble also doesn't mean dimming down your gifts, your light, and your greatness.

- Not to sink down to other people's low vibration and energy levels. If people are feeling down in the dumps, don't sink to their level. That's not what they need from you anyway.

- My personal example of how I used to shrink down and keep my success and happiness under wraps as a way of making other people more comfortable.

- That if your current friends aren't stoked to hear about your successful life updates, then its time to get new pals.

- That it's not your job to play the role of the lifeguard (as I teach in my online course, Your Best Life). If other people's lives aren't going well, it's not your job to save everyone.

- That dimming your light doesn't help anyone rise. 


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