Jordan Bach on Creating Miracles, Surrendering & Collapsing Time Through Love

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"Your presence is what is attracting everything in life to you."


Today, I am so excited and honored to bring you Jordan Bach -  one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers to learn from.

I love and adore Jordan. He's someone I've followed for the last five years because his words of wisdom access such a deep part of my heart and he's illuminated so much for me on my own spiritual path. It's such a treat to share his wisdom with you.

In this conversation, we explore gratitude, how to stop time through the expression of love and how to create more miracles in your life. I mean, who doesn't want that? As Jordan puts it, "every expression of love is a miracle" and today, we deep dive into just that.

You'll also learn the importance of taking it easy and relaxing. Your awakening and unfolding is a process and not something you need to rush. In our conversation, Jordan shares all about how to surrender to what is and show up fully in the present moment.

So, if you are looking to awaken your spiritual journey and go inwards, Jordan is your man. Grab your favorite journal and soak up this soul salve.


About Jordan:


Jordan Bach is a life coach, motivational speaker, blogger, and certified yoga & meditation teacher. He has been recognized as one of the most influential teachers on the contemporary spiritual scene. His down-to-earth messages reach a whole new generation of people seeking wisdom and inner peace.

The Advocate Magazine ranked Jordan as one of the “40 Most Accomplished Leaders Under 40,” calling him “one of the few you should listen to among our modern-day cacophony of voices.”

Jordan cohosted the television series Secret Guide to Fabulous, produced by Kelly Ripa, on which he appeared regularly as a life coach.

Through his popular blog and social media posts, Jordan brings hope and healing to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He teaches universal spiritual principles that are not based in religion or dogma.

One of the main tenets of his teaching is the power of self-acceptance. He says, “When you bring forward who you really are, you begin to heal your life.”

Jordan has been openly gay since the age of twelve. He is a GLAAD Media Partner, consults with major corporations on LGBTQ+ brand initiatives, and served as Co-Chair for the Brooklyn Community Pride Center’s 2017 Leadership Awards, raising over $100,000 for at-risk LGBTQ+ people.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- That gratitude is the most soothing balm for your soul. (+ How it's one of the highest vibrations you can feel).

- Why gratitude gives you the most realistic perspective on your life.

- That every expression of love is a miracle.

- How to start a meditation practice by simply taking a deep breath and being more mindful.

- How Jordan became a spiritual teacher. (+ How to find your soul's calling through finding your tribe).

- That your spiritual journey encompasses not just the spiritual texts and self-help books, but your hardships, breakups, and family deaths. 

- What the voice of faith sounds like.

- That what you are going through right now is exactly what you asked for and it's preparing you for deep purpose and fulfillment. 

- Why it's not just enough to be compassionate but to also have the courage to do something about it.

- How time is an illusion. (+ How time is only here to teach us about love and that every time we express love, we collapse time). 

- How to surrender, relax, and know that your panic isn't doing anything meaningful.

- That the universe is always trying to deliver your blessings to you, but it can't find you if you are being someone else.

- That everything is your teacher if you can see it that way.


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Resources Mentioned:


Jordan's Mediation: 7 Minutes to Soul Power

A Course in Miracles: The Complete and Annotated Edition by Circle of Atonement

The Journey of Souls by Michael Newton (We didn't mention this book directly, but if you are curious about how our soul's reincarnate, check this one out).


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