How Creating Space & Stillness is the Secret to Getting What You Want

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This is all about letting things magically come to you.


Creating space and stillness is the secret sauce to getting what you want. Quite often, we pack our schedules in, do back-to-back meetings, and then wonder why the creative ideas, new clients, or new relationships aren't showing up.

In our modern world, we usually assume that if we do more, we'll get more. This isn't always the case. In today's episode, we're talking all about how to call in your desires by physically creating the space for something new to show up. It's the difference between getting a bunch of divine downloads after your tropical holiday versus waiting for the inspiration to spark after a day of endless meetings and draining appointments. 

And most importantly, you'll learn that creating space and stillness is actually an action. This is an active choice and being is just as powerful as doing. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How to create more space and stillness in your life to draw in your desires.

- Why the universe loves to fill empty space and how it can't if you have a jam-packed schedule.

- Why space and stillness is part of the manifestation puzzle. 

- How to create more time for yourself and small, simple actions you can take that only take a few minutes.

- How to carve out more time for yourself by getting rid of all of the things that don't serve you.

- Why boundaries are so important to protect your sacred space and how to craft your boundary statement with ease and grace.

-  Why saying "no" to something is actually an invitation for a "yes" somewhere else in your life.


Resources mentioned:


Your Best Life

The Inner Circle

What Does "You Create Your Own Reality" Mean? (+ How Your Thoughts Control Your Life)

Leticia Ringe on Finding your Soul's Purpose, Feminine Energy & Releasing the Grip

How to Set Clear Boundaries & Build Your Boundary Statement (3-Step Tutorial)


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