Leticia Ringe on Finding your Soul's Purpose, Feminine Energy & Releasing the Grip

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"How would it feel to allow it in the way it's meant to happen?"


Today, I am so excited to welcome my friend Leticia Ringe to the show and deep dive on some of the topics that I've been really exploring lately. 

If you have spent a lot of your life in the masculine energy, hustling, grinding, and going upstream, then this conversation is going to feel like a grounding deep exhale. Leticia shares all about how to embody feminine energy, reconnect with your feminine cycle and reclaim that sacred part of who you are.

We also touch on the other parts of the sacred feminine that include creating space and stillness in your life through honoring the yin energy. This also is the groundwork for listening to your intuition, hearing your soul's guidance and finding your life's purpose.

Leticia also shares how this was a learned practice for her, especially coming from being a lawyer and then moving to London, and transitioning to her true soul's calling as a life coach. In this episode, we also deep dive on what that life pivot looked like and how you can do it too.

This is such a gorgeous, heart-centered chat. It's going to feel like you are sitting with us, talking about feminine essence, and enjoying a lavender Madame Dry crystal water too! Enjoy!


About Leticia:


Leticia is a Purpose & Feminine Essence Coach based in London and originally from Sydney, Australia. She is a qualified Beautiful You Life Coach, trained Theta Healer and host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast and TV. Leticia supports her community to create a life they love, enjoy and are inspired by through embracing their purpose and feminine essence. Before this work, Leticia spent 10 years in the corporate world and worked as a lawyer before walking away to start her own passion-based, purpose-driven self-growth business. She also gave up alcohol in 2017 and is now a proponent of an alcohol-free lifestyle. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How to set an intention. (+ How goals are different than intentions).

- Why we need to make friends with our hard feelings.

- Leticia's journey and how she make the life pivot from being a lawyer to becoming a life coaching and doing her soul's work.

- How she gave herself space to find her life's purpose. (+ Why space was the secret, key ingredient).

- How to find your purpose in life by stopping "trying to find it" and allowing it to come to you.

- Why we need space in our life in order to receive, listen to our intuition, and hear the next step.

- How to bring space into your everyday through a mindful minute.

- How to work with the moon to increase your feminine essence.

- How your feminine cycles can flow with the moon.

- Why feminine energy is so powerful. 

- That "beauty is the anchor for the present moment."

- How to let go and use that resistant, fighting energy to be used towards trust and allowing. 

- "How would it feel to allow it in the way it's meant to happen?"

- That "to have the most control you need to relinquish your control. That's you exercising your power."

- Why Leticia stopped drinking, how she made that choice, and how it's expanded her world. (+ Tips if you are also considering making the switch).

- "Forget everything you know and start figuring out who you really are."

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