Katie Kurtz on Being Your True Self, Honoring the Fear & Reclaiming What's Real

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"Reclaiming our power & stepping into our power isn't something we attain, it's something that we always have within us."



Welcome back our first repeat guest, Katie Kurtz! As a listener favorite with her first episode on making friends as an adult, Katie is back on the podcast with us to share her divine wisdom and light.

Today, we are deep diving on how to show up as your real self - especially when you feel like you've worn a filter or a mask for your whole life.  Whether that was trying to fit in, prove your worth, or be socially validated and accepted (like myself), we can all fell like we've lost what's real. 

Most importantly, Katie and I talk about how to show up as the real you in those relationships where you'd rather contract, shy away or dim your light. This could be getting quiet around your boss, in-laws, or other people that you feel like you need to appear a certain way around. I get this question about full self expression a lot from my coaching clients and listeners and I knew that Katie was the exact person to share the right answer.

In today's chat, Katie also shares how to honor the fear, especially around the worry that people won't be real with us too if we let our guard down. One of my favorite things that she says is to figure out what the worst case scenario would be if you showed up fully expressed. (Because it probably wouldn't be that bad and it's simply the stories in our head holding us back).

This episode is such a treat and I deeply respect and admire Katie's work. So, tune in, grab your notebook, and you'll be well on your way to genuine, soul-bursting connection.


About Katie:


Katie Kurtz is an Internationally Certified Life Coach, yoga teacher and speaker who guides women to connect with their authentic selves + courageously live life on their own terms. She is the founder of Soul Connect, a coaching + connection movement that is redefining how women connect to themselves and each other. Through her coaching, in person gatherings, yoga experiences + events, Katie's authentic spirit and gift as a connector allows her to create a unique space for women to be themselves, embrace their humanness, and reclaim what's real.



In this episode, you'll learn:


- Why we shouldn't engage in weather talk and how you can stop leaning on it.

- That we ALL are craving more intimate, deeper, soulful connection with others.

- That now is the time to do what you want because you'll never be ready.

- "That reclaiming our power and stepping into our power isn't something we attain, it's something that we always have within us."

- How yoga was Katie's gateway to self expression, self-development, and authentic living.

- That "when we use our breath and our bodies, we are coming into a deep connection with who we are."

- How to get real with your fear. (+ How fear gets louder as we go into the direction of our dreams and that's okay).

- How to use your fear as a guiding compass. (+ Katie's lighthouse analogy).

- "I know that when I feel fear, it's like a lighthouse and it's guiding me."

- How to show up as your real self in situations where you'd rather wear a mask, a filter, or keep people at an arm's length. (+ How to think about what would happen if you let go of your "shoulds" and showed up real?)

- How to dive deeper in a conversation with people right off the bat.

- Why it's easier to celebrate others, but not ourselves.

- "That the more we show up as who we are, the more we inadequately give others the permission to do the same."

- "When we show up as ourselves, when we don't put on filters, when we are unapologetic about who we are, that's how we reclaim what's real."

- Not to take it all so seriously.


67 - Katie Kurtz - The Kelly Trach Show Podcast.jpg

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