Camille Richman On Home Farming, Microgreens & The Future of Food

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"This trend of people wanting to be more involved, caring about the infrastructure around their food, and caring about the policies is going to continue."


Camille and Dan are seriously shaking up the way we do food. They created the world's easiest way to grow your own greens. I'm excited to have Camille on the show because I have a feeling you'd totally dig HAMAMA

What impresses me most is that Camille and Dan are two MIT mechanical engineering grads who worked on the MIT food computer and used their ultra-technical knowledge to build a seriously simple home farm. Most importantly, they designed it so it's basically impossible to kill your plants. (Genius, right?)


About Camille:


Camille Richman is the co-founder of HAMAMA, a company that's making it easy for anyone to grow their own microgreens at home regardless of space, time, or green thumb. She is a mechanical engineering grad from MIT and did the talk called "How to Download Your Food" at TEDxBrusssels. And lastly, at MIT she worked on the food computer, a desktop controlled environment farm that can be used to create and share climate recipes, modifications, and upgrades.





The HAMAMA Grow Kit is a guaranteed-to-grow indoor garden that allows you to grow microgreens in 7-10 days. No mess, no watering, and no sunlight required. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How HAMAMA is solving the problem of people wanting to grow their own food, but have no space, time, or green thumb. 

- How they are building the "apple products" of farming and making it ridiculously easy for you to grow microgreens in 7 - 10 days.

- How their seed quit controls light, heat, and water access. (Their motto is: if it's comfortable for you, it's comfortable for the plants and all you need to do is take it out of the package and water it). 

- What microgreens are and how they are different (and more nutrient dense) than sprouts.

- What Camille thinks the future of food, agriculture policy, and infrastructure will look like.

- About Camille's intentional mornings and routine, how she seeks guidance, and

- Plus, I ask her if talking to plants really does make them grow faster. (+ Her ukulele story at MIT and what she's gathered from her own inklings). 


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