What to Do When Sh*t Totally Hits the Fan

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If you need help coming back to Earth when things go awol and the panicked sweat kicks in, take a listen.


We all know those times when the light switch changes and you go from "all good" to "uh-oh." This is the moment when life switches gears and you're now in a hard conversation with your boss, an argument with your partner, or you feel the conversation getting heated with the customer service agent. How do you come back into your body and get awareness in that moment?


In this episode, you'll learn:


- 5 tactics you can try when you notice yourself in one of those intense situations.

- How to remember that you DO have a say in the matter and you aren't completely powerless.

- How to stop applying so much force and try less effort instead.

- How gratitude can help you shift out of the moment and get some sweet perspective. 

- What an "energetic cooldown" is and how to take one.

- And my experience being trapped in a Barcelona bathroom stall. (I know, I know. It's a funny story, so go listen to the show).


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