Zachary Fiorido on Positivity, Mindset & Mixing Sweat with Soul

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"Be you times two."


Today, I am chatting with my friend, Zachary Fiorido. I started attending his classes in January and then I got hooked. Zach's philosophy is all about thriving with a fit body, but truly focusing on cultivating a beautiful soul. (Self-love plus sweat? Sign me up). Luckily, you can soak up his positivity and vibrancy and follow his classes on his super popular YouTube channel with half a million views!


About Zach:


With over 300 fitness videos and more than half a million views online, Fiorido is one of YouTube's top fitness personalities and has worked with some of the most influential companies in the health and fitness industry. As a Master Trainer and International Presenter certifying thousands of fitness instructors across North America, Zachary knows how to deliver results. He created Beauty & The Fit, an online fitness community focusing on creating beautiful souls and fit bodies.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- Zach's story on how he got into fitness (despite his dislike for P.E. class) and the moment when Chalene Johnson pulling him aside in an Orange Country session to tell him that he needed to be an instructor and he had that special spark. 

- How Zach uses affirmations, gratitude journals, and positive self-talk to stay in the positive lane.

- When to take a rest break versus when to quit. (+ How to know if something isn't working and you should pivot).

- How Zach stays resilient and how you can handle setbacks and rejection.

- Zach's tips on asking for quality advice and direction (+ WHO you should get advice from).

- How positivity is a choice and it's something that Zach actively chooses every single day.

- Why your tribe is so important when you are evolving as a person.

- Also, how much I LOVE Zach's class.

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