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Life & Business Coaching


Crack your Definition of what's possible wide open.


I’ll help you turn your vision into your reality. I do this through two types of coaching.


Life coaching: I’ll help you figure out what you should be doing with your life.


Business coaching: I’ll help you create it and turn it into a real, profitable thing.

What You'll Discover


This is life and business coaching with an emphasis on mindset. My work focuses on these areas:


Master yOur Thoughts

Do you have negative thought loops on repeat? Are you sabotaging your success? Together, we'll bust through the unproductive thoughts and combat anything that sounds like "I can't" or "yeah but." Thought work is truly life transforming and once you shift into a new frame of mind, just wait for the compliments to roll in about how you are so confident, bold, and an inspiration. (I promise, you'll get it for sure! You'll feel like a totally new person!)


Relinquish Self-limiting beliefs

What's holding you back? What beliefs are you holding on to so tightly? What are you telling yourself on a regular basis - that you aren't good enough, worthy enough, or deserving enough? Let's talk blocks and barriers, and then release everything that's holding you back from where you want to go. Then, you'll intentionally choose your set of beliefs and I'll teach you my proven methodology for adopting them.


Ace Self-Talk & The Inner Critic

How do you speak to yourself? Are you relentlessly hard on yourself? What do you think when you look in the mirror, ask for the raise, charge your first client, set a boundary with your boss or sign up for boxing? If it is anything along the lines of "I can't" or "that's not for me" or "I'm not enough," then we've got work to do. Here's a big question: what if you didn't even need me? What if your self-talk was so positive and empowering that you could navigate every situation with confidence? That's the goal here and I'll get you there! 


Get unstuck

Do you feel stuck? Wedged in? Or like you're living with the golden handcuffs? Let's break the shackles because you're freer than you think. Together, we'll uncover what liberation truly feels like for you and devise a plan to get there. Freedom and liberation is always the goal.

become Who You Really ARe

Where do you want to go? We'll set the vision and get clear on the end goal. Together, we'll master your mind so you can step into the person you are meant to become. 


Business Coaching

In addition to mindset, we also cover these areas in our sessions.


Make your vision your reality

I remember sitting at my desk realizing that the future I had been dreaming suddenly was my current reality. I cried. It was the first time I felt like I had actually "made it." I'm going to get you there too. My business coaching is unlike anything else - practical, honest, and tried-and-true. I've done it all - business school with honors, a prestigious Silicon Valley entrepreneurship school, 3 failed tech start-ups and then hitting it out of the park with this business. I'll teach you all things: scale, digital marketing, and making conscious cashing. When you look around and realize that the vision you've been dreaming finally matches your reality, you'll understand what Pablo Picasso meant when he said "everything you can imagine is real."

Build your digital empire from scratch

Let’s make your business official! Starting a business involves a lot of technical things like: payment software, legal work, bookkeeping, accounting, automating processes, and creating backend systems so that you can stay in your zone of genius. As your coach, I’ll help make this stuff simple and fast. No more late night Google searches. After that’s complete, I’ll guide you on creating an all-star website that establishes you as a trusted leader and then, we’ll craft your products, services, and select the right pricing strategy. I also support you with sales strategy, social media marketing, and how you’re going to get real clients and make legit money. It’s literally like getting a business in a box when you work with me! If you’re doing this on your own, it can take two years to get to this level between the research and implementation. If we work together, it takes two months.


Master you marketing

Build your brand, find your true fans, and most importantly, allow opportunities to flow your way. When you nail your digital marketing, you don't have to "sell" anything. It's all about attraction, not promotion and I'll teach you how to do it. Sharing from the heart and providing massive value to your tribe is the key to making mullah and building a devoted following. Plus, all of your marketing will be built to scale, so you can reach every corner of the globe and supercharge your message.


Built to scale

How about getting emails on vacation in Hawaii with the subject lines of "You've been paid" or "Emily's just enrolled in your course!" Or "a new order has arrived!" This is called scale. This is the granddaddy of all digital empires. It's how you get serious leverage, generate passive income, and allow your business run on it's own. Let the world witness your zone of genius, then sit back and watch the email payment notifications roll in.


Make conscious cash

Are you ready to hit the pillow every night know that you're living out your soul's purpose? And, are you ready to make some serious conscious cash by leading and living in the heart-centered, aligned, impactful way? This is the fun part - making money doing what you love and knowing that you're changing the lives of thousands. After working with me, you'll be saying: "I can't believe I get paid to do this! I can't believe this is my life." It's all yours, beautiful.

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My Coaching Style



You and I are equals. This isn't like an old school dude lecturing you at the front of the classroom. My coaching style is collaborative, always a two-way dialogue, and we are a team. I treat you as a peer and you get my full respect upfront.


Implementation > Homework 

If this was driver's ED, I'd put you in the driver's seat and we'd start in car versus beginning with the book. You'll get strategies, tactics and a bucket load of implemental tools. It's not about filling out questions, studying, or hours of journaling. It's about testing it out in real life, getting feedback, re-grouping, evaluating how it went, pivoting, and trying again.



Learn from a human, not a robot. "Realness" is one of my core values and I lead with it. Your coaching sessions are designed to make you feel supported and less alone. If you like sighs of relief, authenticity, and the me-too moments of "Oh, this is normal? You've been here too?" Then, you're in the right place, my friend!


You Take the Lead

I know that stuff gets hard, growing pains are real, and shedding the metaphorical snake skin isn't always comfortable. I get it. We go at your pace and I respect your limits. I'm going to encourage you to take the leap but I will never push or force you. That's not my style. Loving encouragement is more my thing. 



When we work together, you will be encouraged to think differently about your life. I will give you questions you've never considered before, we'll approach your problems in ways you've never considered, and you'll take the flipped perspective. If you identify with Apple's Think Different campaign too, then we're going to be a stellar team.


True Devotion

You've got me in your corner, on your team, and I'll be at your game with the biggest foam finger you've ever seen. You'll leave our sessions bursting with possibility and that contagious, magnetic energy that ignites flames. 'Cause we not just going for bright, but blazing.

The Clients I Work With

you’re a perfect Life Coaching client if:

  • You’re an under 30 female who’s stuck in work or school that’s misaligned.

  • You know you’ve got a calling on your life, but you can’t clearly define it and you need someone to help illuminate your zone of genius and what you’re excellent at in the world.

  • Your inner critic is dialed way up on full, you don’t see your own greatness, and when you look at other people who are really rocking it, you think: “oh, I just can’t do that!”

  • You don’t have a lot of people in your life that “get it.” Maybe, they are more traditional, want you to settle for a 9-5, and perhaps all of your pals have regular jobs. You’re looking for that expanded person who will help you rise up and see another way of living.

you’re a perfect Business coaching If:

  • You are a female entrepreneur looking to start a business or you already have an early-stage business (under 2 years old). You’re either at square one and you need support as you build something from scratch (I’ll help you from the basics of building your website to getting your first sale). Or, if you already have a business, but it’s not generating a full-time income for you and you need help getting there.

  • You desire to go full-time on your business, but your inner critic continually talks you out of going for it. So, you say "no" when your heart is saying "holy heck yes."

  • You're afraid to dive into the unknown because "oh my god, what if I fail."

  • You're worried what everyone's going to think of you when you launch your soul's work.

  • You secretly think you're not good enough to do it, smart enough, or better people are "already doing it" and therefore you can't. Plus, you've got a mini case of the "who am I to do this?" And you walk back down the diving board ladder all of the time thinking: "I can't."

  • You’re doing creative work in the world, but you don’t come from a business background. I’ll help you figure out the business and admin side so that all you need to do is stay in your zone of genius of creative work.

  • Your money mindset holds you back. You’re stuck in scarcity, lack, and money is either hard to get or hard to keep.

  • You have clarity on what you’re looking to create in the next 6 months to a year. This could be a website, getting your first clients, finally going full-time.

  • Your business is digital. I only support clients who want a digital, work-from-anywhere, passive income style business with a little bit of 1:1 service work. (This means, I kindly don’t take brick-and-mortar or MLM business owners).

  • You’re already enrolled in Your Conscious Empire and you’re ready to go to the next level.

Overall qualities:

  • You are 100% committed. I only work with high-performance all stars who are truly serious about pursuing what they love. Changing your life requires your heart and soul to be fully in it.

  • You have a deep desire to take your life to the next level. This means, you’re willing to do the work. In coaching, I ask the hard questions, assign action items, and expect you to be ready to dive in with two feet. You are ready to do the (sometimes) uncomfortable work that’s required to grow.

  • You nod your head when I use words like intuition, manifestation, and the universe. You dig the spiritual, woo-woo things too.

  • Self-development is meaningful to you. When we talk about your inner critic and your ego, you “get it.”

  • Hustling, grinding and burning the midnight oil isn’t your jam either. You also believe in flow, building a business that’s easy, and co-creating with the universe.

  • You value yourself enough to invest in YOU. This means, your self-worth is elevated enough that you’re ready to pull out the credit card and tell the universe: “hey, I’m taking my dreams seriously.”

  • You have something big and juicy in your life's vision. You want it, you see it, you taste it, you can feel it in your bones and in the depths of your heart. But you're also shaking in your boots, breathing fast, and your palms are sweaty. This is where you take my hand, hire me, and jump.

What Happy Clients Say


Zan Farrow

Virtual Interior Designer, Stager + Stylist

“Hiring Kelly as my coach was the easiest "yes" I've had as an entrepreneur! Her one-on-one coaching allowed me to dig deep and harness my skills so I could present a clear message to the world. Working with Kelly has given me the tools I need succeed in mastering my mindset and developing a well-marketed business.”

Christy Bartelt.jpg

Christy Bartelt

Rapid Transformational Therapist

"Kelly provides exactly what I expect from a trusted advisor, she is approachable and fun to work with all while delivering incredible insight and practical knowledge I was able to put to use right away.

After our work together I was able to see my business in an entirely different light and I now have a bigger and better vision of how to make my dreams a reality. Kelly gave me specific tips and tools that are already helping me grow my business.

If you have a vision but just can't figure out what to do next or how to build momentum, Kelly is the woman for the job. The best part is that Kelly reawakened my excitement for the business side of my work, it's just as much fun to work on my business as it is to work in my business now that I know where I'm headed."

Kristy Vail.jpg

Kristy Vail

Interior Designer & Founder of Kristy Vail Studio

"From the moment I hired Kelly as a business coach, I knew my life was about to change. She helped me with everything from my mindset around being an entrepreneur to making a plan to take my business full time to creating a simple + clear website and seriously everything in between.

If I could describe Kelly in three words it would be: joyful, innovative and supportive. I would highly recommend her coaching for anyone who's serious about wanting to elevate their lives - she will hear your dreams and hold you accountable!"


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Pick Your Path

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Life and business coaching are the same price, plus we can do a bit of both in our sessions too. 'Cause how you do one thing is how you do everything.

1 Coaching Session
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18 Coaching Sessions
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One Year of Coaching
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What are coaching sessions like?  Before we start, you'll fill out a clarity questionnaire (it's different than the application below!) This will help us both get clear so that we can make the most of our time together. Then, we hop on a 30-minute introduction call to talk about your vision, your burning desires, and what you shared in your questionnaire. Then, you'll have your coaching calls. We'll connect weekly via Skype audio for 90 minutes. After, I save our call and send you the MP3 audio file so that you can listen again anytime.

How can I start?  Coaching is by application only since I work with people who are absolutely dedicated to showing up, immersing themselves in the work, and are ready to step forth into the life they are being called to lead. (I know this is you, gorgeous! You are so beyond ready!)

I live internationally. Amazing! My clients are international, so welcome!

How can I get a flavor of your teaching style?  Good question! Listen to the solo shows of my podcast.

What if I'm late or no-show?  Time integrity is something I value (and teach), so no-show sessions are not refunded and we start and end on the set times. Please explore my terms and conditions so you are clear on what you can expect from me and what I expect from you.

Can I get a refund?  Packages are non-refundable and if you forfeit your sessions, the remaining investment is donated to charity : water. I encourage you to review the terms and conditions so you understand.

Do you offer a payment plan?  Yes indeed! I offer a payment plan for packages where we are working together for several months. Payments are billed automatically to your credit card.

Can I hire you if we're friends?  Oh my god, yes! I'd love to work with you 'cause you know I'm already your biggest fan! Let's just take it to the next level!

Take the Leap

If you'd like to take the leap with me, please take 30 - 45 minutes of reflection and complete the form below. Successful applicants will be invited for a free consultation and we'll take it from there! I'm so excited for you!

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What does your life look like in 10 years? What's the overarching vision you're aiming for?
This includes fears, secret dreams, self-limiting beliefs, old fixed ways of being, and negative habits.
Share with me in detail what you are aiming to accomplish.
What is your definition of success? Be sure to tell me what YOU think it looks like, not someone else's definition.
What areas of your life need to be improved in order to feel more fulfilled?
Do you use a gratitude journal? Meditate? Work with another life coach? Explore self-development?
Be specific. Finally opening up shop? Writing that book? Being more courageous in your personal life? Having productive and positive self-talk? It all counts.
What does this look life, feel like, and sound like?
Which coaching package are you interested in? *
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