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Private coaching with Kelly Trach


Starry-eyed dreamer, you’re in the right spot.

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You desire a heart-centered, soulful, digital business that makes consistent $5k monthly income. Then, boost it to $10k months and beyond.

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So, I’ll take your vision and help you build a profitable businesses with 1:1 services and online course.


What I Do


I work with visionary females who desire to start or uplevel their digital, heart-based business and hit $5k and $10k months consistently by creating passive income courses and offering 1:1 coaching or services. I focus on the "how" (meaning the strategy, systems, and implementation) so that we can take what's in your brain and put it into the real world step-by-step. 


I Was in Your Shoes

As a four time entrepreneur, I struggled for years to get a successful digital business off the ground.

My 3 tech startups all failed. So, I started a blog, worked like crazy, and assumed I would get rich off a $19 ebook and become the next Gwyneth Paltrow.

I was hardly “changing the world.” In fact, I was burnt out, living at home with my parents, and hardly making a single dime in the early days.

It wasn’t until I learned how to find my zone of genius and monetize it properly.

Now, I run a thriving digital business, live the laptop life, make 80% of my income passively through my online courses while I interview cool podcast guests and lay on the beaches of Hawaii, and teach my work to thousands worldwide. Plus, I have a global clientele of female entrepreneurs who live successful and deeply fulfilling lives.

Here’s the thing I want you to know about my success: I’m not special.

I simply learned how to monetize my genius and turn my dreams into my reality. And now I want to help you do the same.


What Makes Me Different


Tried and true

I have a true and undying love for entrepreneurship and building what matters. The art of crafting a profitable, successful company where you get paid to be yourself and stand in your zone of genius is something I adore. This is my fourth business, I’ve coached countless business clients, and I deeply understand the strategy that goes into those digital, work-from-your-laptop empires. My coaching is unlike anything else: practical, honest, and tried-and-true. I've done it all - business school, working for Tesla Motors, attended a prestigious Silicon Valley entrepreneurship school, 3 failed tech start-ups and then hitting it out of the park with this business. I have a Bachelors of Commerce honors degree from the UBC Sauder School of Business with a specialization in marketing and most importantly, I have the street smarts from building four digital businesses.


I work with clients who desire to make money from 1:1 services and online courses. That’s the ONLY business model I focus on. (Yep, that’s it! Nothing else!) So, if you’re looking to rock that model, then I am your gal. I know what it takes to build one of those work-from-anywhere, teach your gifts, and make-money-while-you-sleep businesses. So, let’s design yours.

This isn’t just a call, It’s IN DEPTH consulting

Loads of coaches will just answer your questions on the phone and call it a day. I don’t. The in-depth personal feedback I provide is what makes my work incomparable. I venture into your sales funnels, review your social media, read every page on your website, explore your e-newsletters, dive into your products, analyze your financials, and give you feedback on everything. I come prepared to each call with a dedicated set of personal questions for you. It’s high-level, bespoke, coaching entirely tailored to you.

You’ll master your mindset

Starting a business isn’t just about the strategy. It involves becoming a whole new person. That journey is unlike anything else and I know how emotional, intense, and hard it is to build something entirely new and essential birth a new version of yourself. Saying to the world: “hey folks, this is me” requires you to really own your worth, stand in your power, and truly believe in yourself. The mindset work is one of my specialties, so we’ll blast through your blocks, overhaul your self-talk, and you’ll witness your own greatness during our sessions. Clients walks out insanely confident, rooted in their worth, and intrinsically know they are deserving of success. If you aren’t standing tall in your worth, let me support you. I know its there.

it’s Soulful

This is about pursuing your calling, doing world-changing work, and building a business that grooves with your soul. This is not about sounding good a cocktail party or having a sweet resume. (Been there, done that. It’s pretty unfulfilling). I only coach heart-centered clients who desire to live in alignment with their truth and unlock their full potential for confidence, success, and wealth. It’s all heart and no ego.

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What You'll Discover


Illuminate Your zone of genius

Are you wondering: “What am I the best in the world at? What exactly can I turn into a business? And what the heck can I sell?” Let me help you. One of my best talents is seeing the potential in people and knowing if it’s profitable or not. Business coaching with me is like scoring a record deal. I know talent when I see it and I just help you create our your sound, your brand, and get you out there. Plus, with my hands-on, real-world experience, I know what sells and what doesn’t. Not all ideas are hits and together, we make sure that you’re selling your experience in the correctly aligned way for you that ACTUALLY makes money. I’ll help you uncover what you’ll get paid the big bucks for and that’s worth its weight in gold.

Build your digital empire from scratch

I’ll guide you on creating your products, services, and selecting the right pricing strategy. Then, we’ll craft an all-star website that establishes you as a trusted leader. I also support you with sales strategy, social media marketing, and how you’re going to get real clients and make legit money. Plus, starting a business involves a lot of technical things like: payment gateways, legal work, bookkeeping, accounting, automating processes, and creating backend systems so that you can stay in your zone of genius. As your coach, I’ll help make this stuff simple and fast. No more late night Google searches. It’s literally like getting a business in a box when you work with me. If you’re doing this on your own, it can take two years to get to this level between the research and implementation. If we work together, it takes three months.


Master Digital marketing + attract millions of hits

Build your brand, find your true fans, and most importantly, allow opportunities to flow your way. When you nail your digital marketing, you don't have to "sell" anything. It's all about attraction, not promotion and I'll teach you how to do it. I’ll teach you how to build a platform and a following that attracts a global community. Sharing from the heart and providing massive value to your tribe is the key to making mullah and building a devoted following. Plus, all of your marketing will be built to scale, so you can reach every corner of the globe and supercharge your message.


Built to scale

How about getting emails with the subject lines of "you've been paid" or "Emily's just enrolled in your course!" Or "a new order has arrived!" This is called scale. This is the granddaddy of all digital empires. It's how you get serious leverage, generate passive income, and allow your business run on it's own. Let the world witness your zone of genius, then sit back and watch the email payment notifications roll in.


Make consistent conscious cash + hit $10k months

I give you profit clarity and a roadmap to $2.5k months to $5k months to $10k months consistently. Are you ready to make some serious conscious cash by leading and living in the heart-centered, aligned, impactful way? This is the fun part - making consistent money doing what you love and knowing that you're changing the lives of thousands. After working with me, you'll be saying: "I literally can't believe I get paid to do this!"

Become insanely confident

Are you sabotaging your success? Do you tell yourself that you aren't good enough to have a business at the level you desire? Together, we'll bust through the unproductive thoughts and combat anything that sounds like "I can't do that" or “I’m not good enough.” Together, you’ll overcome your fear of putting yourself out there, the fear of failure, and the worry that you’ll be judged by others. Once you shift into a new frame of mind, just wait for the compliments to roll in about how you are so inspirational.

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My Coaching Style



You and I are equals. This isn't like an old school dude lecturing you at the front of the classroom. My coaching style is collaborative, always a two-way dialogue, and we are a team. I treat you as a peer and you get my full respect upfront.


Implementation > Homework 

If this was driver's ED, I'd put you in the driver's seat and we'd start in car versus beginning with the book. You'll get strategies, tactics and a custom action plan. It's not about studying, it's about testing it out in real life, getting feedback, re-grouping, evaluating how it went, pivoting, and trying again.



Learn from a human, not a robot. "Realness" is one of my core values and I lead with it. Your coaching sessions are designed to make you feel supported and less alone. If you like sighs of relief, authenticity, and the me-too moments of "Oh, this is normal? You've been here too?" Then, you're in the right place.

a proven roadmap step-by-step

Some people think there is no “roadmap” to being a digital entrepreneur. That’s not true because I have one. I have a tried-and-true formula for being a success online. This is the beauty of hiring me as your coach - I have a tailored plan of action for you. Plus, I hold your hand through everything. It’s easy and simple. (It’s only hard and overwhelming when you’re doing it without me as your coach).


True Devotion

You've got me in your corner, on your team, and I'll be at your game with the biggest foam finger you've ever seen. You'll leave our sessions bursting with possibility and that contagious, magnetic energy that ignites flames. 'Cause we not just going for bright, but blazing.




Zan Farrow

Virtual Interior Designer, Stager & Stylist

“Hiring Kelly as my coach was the easiest "yes" I've had as an entrepreneur! Her one-on-one coaching allowed me to dig deep and harness my skills so I could present a clear message to the world. Working with Kelly has given me the tools I need succeed in mastering my mindset and developing a well-marketed business.”

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Kristy Vail

Interior Designer & Founder of Kristy Vail Studio

"From the moment I hired Kelly as a business coach, I knew my life was about to change. She helped me with everything from my mindset around being an entrepreneur to making a plan to take my business full time to creating a simple + clear website and seriously everything in between.

If I could describe Kelly in three words it would be: joyful, innovative and supportive. I would highly recommend her coaching for anyone who's serious about wanting to elevate their lives - she will hear your dreams and hold you accountable!"

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Christy Bartelt

Rapid Transformational Therapist

"Kelly provides exactly what I expect from a trusted advisor, she is approachable and fun to work with all while delivering incredible insight and practical knowledge I was able to put to use right away.

After our work together I was able to see my business in an entirely different light and I now have a bigger and better vision of how to make my dreams a reality. Kelly gave me specific tips and tools that are already helping me grow my business.

If you have a vision but just can't figure out what to do next or how to build momentum, Kelly is the woman for the job. The best part is that Kelly reawakened my excitement for the business side of my work, it's just as much fun to work on my business as it is to work in my business now that I know where I'm headed."


Dominique Huang

Podcast Host & Life Coach

"I want to urge everyone considering coaching to HIRE KELLY! I used to think those who are living their dream lives and running their dream businesses are cut from a different cloth, and that I’ll never be able to have all of that, but Kelly proved me wrong on all fronts. She taught me that the only difference between people who have a dream and those that are living their dreams is that the latter take consistent action to manifest their dreams and build out the life they want.

From the start of coaching, I really felt like Kelly saw more potential in me than I ever knew was possible. She has been the number one expander for me in showing me how to create a life of authenticity and freedom, and make money doing so! I can’t believe we went from a vague “I want to start something” at the beginning of coaching to a fully ready podcast, website, and freebie by the end of it. And I’ve never felt more aligned with the work I want to do. I’m so grateful for this experience and excited for what’s to come!"


Lauren Natalia

Blogger & Founder of Lauren Natalia

“Coaching with Kelly was such a fun and motivating experience. As someone who already has a lot of drive, but just needed a little more guidance and external accountability, it was exactly what I needed. Kelly is great at breaking down big tasks into manageable goals and helped me to rebrand, completely revamp my website and create my online video course in the space of two months, all in a really fun, flowing way. Kelly is a master at helping you work through mindset blocks, as well as providing loving, kind feedback and advice paired with the specific actionable steps that will move you forward. She has such a talent for seeing potential and bringing out the best in people and I’m so happy I decided to hire her as a coach as she provided me with all the support and accountability I needed to really get things done!”

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Ange Severo

Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

"Working with Kelly has been one of the most amazing things I could have done for my business at this point. She's so amazing, motivational and her passion for what she does is so inspiring. She believes in her clients so much, that even if you don't believe in yourself, at the end of the sessions with her, you will certainly do! She's supportive, she asks the right questions and she makes sure you get things done! So no hiding behind excuses, she won't allow that which is great! So much results in such a short period of time! We worked mainly on redefining my coaching packages and understanding my niche and ideal client in more depth. I honestly couldn't have done all that work without her help! She helped me create the backbone of my business which are my packages, and I feel much more prepared to share my magic with the world! Thank you for your support Kelly, you're awesome!"




You have an idea and you want to start your digital business, get your first paid client + first $5k month.