How to Earn 10k Months by Monetizing your Zone of Genius


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Discover your zone of genius, how to turn it into products and services, and cash in on what comes most naturally to you.


In this live training, I’ll reveal:


1. Why the world is wrong about the hustle + grind

It’s all about cashing in on your greatest gifts, your most genuine traits, and doing what feels effortless. Growing up, I didn’t “get it.” I thought I had to hustle and be well-rounded. I thought I needed to be great at bookkeeping and public speaking. In the new way of earning a living, it’s about sticking solely to your zone of genius and doing what you are truly exceptional at becuase that’s how you score the full-time income.

2. How to find your zone of genius

Your zone of genius is the thing you are truly an expert at, uniquely qualified to do, and what comes effortlessly to you. In this webinar, you will discover yours with my step-by-step process.

3. how to turn your genius into products & services

The next step is monetizing your gifts and you’ll learn how to turn your greatest gifts into paid offerings. This is the fun part because you’ll be saying: “OMG, I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” In this webinar, you’ll discover how to outline your offering, find your target demographic, and validate that your hunch is correct.

4. How to earn 10k months by cashing in on what comes most NATURALLY to you

With my strategy, having a digital business that’s in alignment with your zone of genius can definitely deliver on consistent $10k monthly income. It’s totally possible and the norm for an online entrepreneur with the right mindset and strategy. Learn the secrets in this webinar.


This webinar is a must attend if:

  • You’d like to turn your passion into a profitable business, but you don’t know how.

  • You have any mindset blocks like: “I can’t make money doing what I love” or “oh, this is a hobby” standing in your way.

  • You want to start a heart-centered, digital business or uplevel yours through passive income + 1:1 coaching or service-based work.

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I’m Kelly Trach.

Business coach, podcaster + online educator


Growing up, I didn’t get it.

I have a successful coaching business, teach thousands of people world-wide, and get to teach what I love for a living. But lemme tell you this: it wasn’t always like this.

In business school, I thought I had to work hard, be well-rounded, and excel at everything. Instead of focusing on my strengths, I focused on my weaknesses. I got better at accounting and finance instead of just honing my public speaking skills. I bought into the “no pain no gain” mentality and that “nothing worth having comes easily.” This never worked out well because I worked tirelessly at stuff I hated only to have a good resume.

Then, after business school I carried out the same pattern which left me with three failed tech startups. There I was again, building projects that were hard, challenging, and not aligned with my greatest strengths.

Towards the end of my third start-up, I had my big revelation: “what if I just did what I was good at?”

So, I gave it a shot (because nothing else had worked and #YOLO) and started this business. Turns out, my intuition was right. I loved it, it was fun, things were easy, and making money felt like fun verus a grind.

Tapping into what came the most naturally and easy to me was the best choice I ever made. Income flowed easier, clients rolled into my life, and things started to click. For the first time, I really understood what “flow” meant and the magic of staying in your true genius versus being mediocre at several skills.

So, I would love to help you find your zone of genius, teach you how to monetize it, and show you that 10k months are possible when you tap in with my strategy. Let me show you the ropes in this live webinar.



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