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  • How to build a resilient, kickass mindset and reclaim your personal power.

  • How to master your mind, ditch your inner critic, and let go of your self-limiting beliefs so you can show up as who you really are in the world.

  • How to actually answer your calling and make a business out of it.


Speaking Fees:

  • It's really important that you state the budget of your event and how well you compensate your speakers in your application. I only accept paid engagements and my speaker fee is available upon request. For all travel, I do require covered costs of airfare, hotel stay, ground travel fare, and airport transfers.


Speaker Application

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Is transportation, airfare & hotel stay covered?
Please note, if any travel is required, Kelly only takes opportunities that are covered. This also includes taxi rides in local areas in Vancouver.
Please note, Kelly only accepts paid speaking opportunities. Kelly has a speaker fee upon request.
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Bio & Photos

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Interview Requests


Interview requests:

I love podcasting and I'd be honored to be on your show. For all podcast requests, I require the topics and questions 24 hours in advance. Yes, I promise it will still be conversational and awesome! It enables me to totally rock as your guest and support your audience with a super coherent message. 


Next Steps:

Apply here and if you are an aligned fit, I'll be in touch. If you haven't heard back within a week, please know that I've kindly passed due to the number of messages I receive. 

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Podcast Sponsorship

I'm always accepting aligned paid sponsors that I love and adore. If you are a brand, a company, or a person who wants to share their work with my audience, reach out here.

If you don't hear back within a week, please understand that I have kindly passed. 

Name *
I only do partnerships where I can offer my listeners a bonus or discount.
How many episodes? How long do you want the audio clip to be? Pre-roll, mid-roll, or outro? Be clear and specific. I book sponsors for 1 month - 1 quarter minimum.