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speaking gigs


I love rocking the mic

I dive deep into the stuff most people don’t want to venture into – like the nasty inner critic, unworthiness, and the fear of being sick forever. I lead with vulnerability and full transparency on how I healed my life, mastered my mindset, and how others can do exactly the same. If you have a specific topic in mind for my speech, I’d be happy to tailor my speech around it.



  • Build a mindset conducive to healing and reclaiming your personal power.
  • You have the power to heal your life: how to reclaim your livelihood on your own, at anytime, and anywhere.
  • How to *actually* follow your heart and make a business out of it. How I quit my former, San Francisco-based tech start-up life, my business school mentality, and built what mattered instead.



  • Please let me know about your budget, your location, event links, and why you think I would be a good fit with your audience.
  • For all travel, I do require covered costs of travel, hotel stay, and airport transfers. 

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Kelly Trach

Kelly Trach teaches people how to heal themselves. After struggling with chronic illness, pain, and inflammation for over a decade, she solved her own problems. With 10,000+ hours of conducting trial and error experiments on herself, she uncovered a simple, non-invasive methodology to heal her autoimmune condition, IBS, and leaky gut. Now she lives a functional, rad life.   

Kelly works as a wellness advocate, coach and eternal optimist at where she helps people rock their best life by building a mindset conducive to healing, living toxin-free, and nourishing with delish, plant-based food.

She lives in Vancouver, Canada with her miniature black dachshund and a ton of organic kale. 


how do you say Trach?


Good question!

Like "Track" as in track and field.