The Inner Circle

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Welcome home to your Soul TRIBE


I hear it time and time again from my community and coaching clients: "How do I find elevated friends?' I feel like I'm the only one doing this personal development work. I feel like everyone has a tribe and how do I find mine? Where are my soul sisters that I can have deep conversations with? I'd love friends who just get it."

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I totally get it.

When you're leveling up and doing the deep inner work, you need a support network. You need nourishing and deep-rooted soul sisters that elevate you, cheer you on, and totally understand your journey because they are doing it too. But how you find these beautiful friends and where exactly you find these humans can feel like a lot of uncertainty and excess work to seek out your tribe.

So, What exactly is The Inner Circle?


The Inner Circle is a monthly subscription where I've combined all of my secrets to elevated personal growth in one place: proven strategy, intimate life coaching, and a deep-rooted tribe.

This group has accountability when you need it, the soul sisters you've been seeking, a built-in support system, and loving guidance from me. 

What makes the inner circle different

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Take a test drive on me and if you'd like to leave, it's cool. My bet is that you'll want in forever.

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It's rare to find a mastermind with this much live support and love from the ring leader.

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No lock-ins or commitments like other groups. Stay as long as you want in the inner circle.

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An A+ global community and your new tribe. Like-hearted soul friends on demand.

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Lifetime access to past calls and replays. Whenever you join, you get everything from the start.

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You are now my new best friend and I treat you like one. Expect to be delighted.

Goodies You'll get

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Bi-Weekly Live Calls

Two one-hour live calls each month around topics that you won't find anywhere else with lots of opportunity for 1:1 guidance and coaching. All recorded so you can listen anytime if you can't make it.

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Weekly Live Check-Ins

Each week, I check in on our private online community page to pop in with a live video, a journaling prompt, or share my moments of awakening with you. We all hold the a-ha moments for each other and soulful sharing is encouraged.

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Global Community on Demand

Find your tribe in our private online community. If you are ready to find your soul friends, welcome to the party. We are so excited to have you here!

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Surprises, Bonuses, Gifts + First Dibs

I treat you like a soul sister and I want you to feel the love. You'll get first dibs on future live events, retreats, coaching programs as well as discounts, freebies, and treats. 'Cause who doesn't love treats?

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The Five-Star Golden Treatment

I take YOU seriously. Expect a whole lotta love and devotion from me. You are now a part of my inner circle and I cherish your love and contributions to our community.

How does it work?

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Your two live calls Each Month Include

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High-Level Training


Each month, you'll receive a one-hour live call with me where I teach you what I'm learning right now. This includes the best wisdom and guidance that I'm loving and applying to my own life and nuggets that have deeply supported my coaching clients.

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Personalized Group Coaching


You'll also receive a one-hour live call where we workshop on your questions together. You can hop in the hot seat and I'll guide and coach you to your answer. Or, if you can't make the call, you can submit your questions ahead of time.


Topics you'll explore

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Dive deep into:

• Aligning with your life's purpose

• Calling what you desire into your life

• Life vision & goals

• Becoming who you really are

• Stepping forth into the person you know you're meant to become

• Self-talk & the inner critic

• Unshakable self-confidence

• Self-limiting beliefs

• Boundaries

• Soulful love, partnerships, and intimate relationships

• Trust & faith

• Spirituality and the universe

• High performance habits to amplify your growth

• Understanding the divine feminine and masculine

Find Your like-hearted people

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Soul gems included:

• An uplifting, encouraging community.

• Mastermind together on life, self-development, and stepping into who you really are.

• People who understand you and are on the same juicy, sacred, soul-expanding journey as you.

• 1:1 mentoring, guidance, and coaching from me. Loving support when you need it.

• Elevated soul friends who you can call up and connect with.

• A place to come home to.

The Inner Circle is perfect for you if

  • You are ready to find your soul tribe and people who just "get it."

  • Are seeking a like-minded group of friends, seekers, and people asking the same questions as you.

  • You want accountability and support for your goals, vision, and big juicy dreams.

  • Are looking for 1:1 live guidance, mentoring and coaching from me.

  • Love nourishing and cultivating soulful, deep relationships with other women.

  • You are ready to commit to becoming who you really are.

The Value of The Inner Circle

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Enrollment opens soon

Join me and a divine community of like-hearted gems for 24/7 support, intimate mentoring by me, and high-level inspiration on tap. All right at your fingertips. 



When does The Inner Circle start and end?  The Inner Circle is something that happens every month! It's an ongoing community and it's subscription-based. Whenever you join, you also get access to all past high-level training and coaching calls too. So, anytime you join The Inner Circle is perfect.

When are the live calls?  The high-level training is on the first Wednesday of the month and the group coaching call is on the third Wednesday of the month. Everything is recorded and saved, so you can listen anytime. Plus, if you can't make the call you can submit your questions ahead of time and I will be sure to personally answer them!

How does billing work?  The group costs $49 / month and it's billed monthly to your credit card as a subscription. Your monthly billing date is the same date each month. So if you join January 1st, your next billing date is February 1st.

How do I know if I'll like it?  30-day free guarantee! I want you to LOVE being a part of The Inner Circle. If you want to leave the party, just email us within the first 30-days of sign up and we'll refund you. No questions asked!

What if I want to leave?  You can leave anytime, just do it before your next billing date. You can unsubscribe from The Inner Circle here or email us and we'll make it right!

What is the time commitment?  With all of my work, the emphasis is on doing the inner work in real time and implementing what I teach into your every day versus just doing heaps of homework. Because it's all recorded, you can spend as little or as much time as you want with The Inner Circle. As always, you get out what you put in - especially in terms of the self-development work I teach and your soul friendships.

Do I need any specific technology to participate?  You need a smartphone, tablet or a computer - that's it! You can access the inner circle through an app.

What if I live internationally?  Yay! That's amazing! It's 100% digital so you can totally join - that's the beauty of this mastermind.

What if I miss a call?  Totally cool! It's all recorded and saved so you can listen anytime. Plus, we run calls on different dates to make it more flexible for your schedule. And, there's always an option to submit questions ahead of time that I'll answer for you on the live call.

What if I'm super loving and a ray of light?  Amazing! You are the kind of person who is perfect for this! We'd LOVE to have you!

Get on the waitlist

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