One Year of Coaching

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52 Sessions of Coaching with Kelly Trach.png

One Year of Coaching



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This is your life transformed.


The focus:

  • A whole new life. Seriously. By the end of this, you will grow into an entirely new person. Specifically, the person you are yearning to become and the one that's capable of fulfilling the calling on your life. (Yes, you know the one I'm talking about. That person is in there).
  • You will think differently, talk different, act differently. You will show up fully expressed and as yourself. You will accomplish the stuff you thought was impossible and you'll be living your dream life.
  • Your goals - sooner. When you signup for this, you're saying yes to fast-forwarding your desires. Doing the mental mindset thought work on this level means that your success is for certain and the quantum leap is guaranteed. Whatever your goals are, this level of devotion means that you can get there far faster.


What you get:

  • One clarity questionnaire: Before we begin, I'll give you some questions for you to explore and dive into so that we can maximize our time together.
  • One 30-minute intro call: Together, we get clear on your end goal and where you're wanting to go. This pre-coaching call is all about get grounded and rooted in who you really are and reviewing your clarity questionnaire together. 
  • Fifty-two 90-minute coaching calls via Skype audio: This is where the magic happens. 
  • Unlimted email support: Between each coaching call, ask me for help anytime. I'm at your service. Answers on demand and help when you need it so you can rock the implementation side of this mindset work.
  • The option to record and save your calls: All of our coaching calls can be saved as MP3 files so you can listen again anytime. Your coaching calls are yours to keep forever.
  • Free enrollment in Your Best Life: You get access to my best-selling, signature digital course Your Best Life for free. This goodie is included in your coaching package so that you can access the mindset work at any time.
  • My everything:  With my A-game, my full devotion, and my endless cheerleading - get ready for a whole new world. Whatever you're seeking and desiring, you're going to get there in one year. 


How this coaching offering compares:

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Get started:


If you want to take the leap with me, apply for coaching here. One on one coaching is only offered by application only to make sure we are an aligned, rock solid fit. 


Payment plan:


You're welcome to pay up front in full for $20,000 directly. Or, hop on the payment plan for $2000 for 12 months. Payments are billed automatically to your credit card, so it's easy peasy!


Terms & conditions:


Prices are listed in USD and all coaching is final sale. I encourage you to explore my one-on-one coaching terms here on the terms and conditions page so you're clear on how coaching works, what's expected of you, and how we make stellar things happen in your life! Plus, upon purchase, you will be signing and agreeing to these legally binding terms again so we're all good to go!