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One on One Mindset Coaching



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You, me, goals alive!


I stand for coaching, creating accountability and taking action. Like, tomorrow. Not waiting for January 1st or your birthday.

I stand for getting crystal clear on what’s really holding you back. 

I stand for doing the work, showing up, and being resilient. 

I stand for designing a life on your own terms and creating the action plan to get there.



What I offer:


This is all about you. We explore resilience, having the courage to be your best, and mental fortitude. Our conversations are an open dialogue and together, we’re a rad, rockin’ team. No lectures here. I want to actively work with you and create a life you love, then give you the tools to get there. 


I love vulnerability and on my coaching calls, I create the space to be human and real. You aren’t alone in this journey and I openly share my experiences and what strategies enabled me to thrive.


Plus, in our sessions, you have the choice to create our conversation and get specific about goals you want to reach and where you want to go. If none of my pre-set topics speak to you, feel free to lead the entire session and come with your own Q&A.



What we actually cover in mindset coaching:


"Cause what eff does a coach really do anyways??" - my former self. 

  • Let’s get clear on your wellness journey so far – what’s worked, what hasn’t, and where you want to go.
  • Together we go deep on how you are currently nourishing your body, how you are managing stress, and practicing self-care. Yes, we’re going there. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Start building a mindset conducive to healing. Let’s talk blocks, barriers, and the inner critic that is holding you back.
  • Kicking the inner critic. Together, we can master the negative self-talk and your self-limiting beliefs.
  • How do you want to feel in your body? Let’s get clear and create an action plan now.




What I can't offer you:


  • A diagnosis. I am NOT a doctor. I cannot diagnose you, or recommend a treatment plan, or tell you what certain meds to take. I am super duper NOT certified in that. Please see a functional medicine doctor for a diagnosis and testing. 
  • Food and nutrition coaching. I can't sit here and say: "jeez Emma, you need some B12 and iron because you're looking a little pale and your blood work seems off." I openly share that I'm self-taught and not qualified to build you a custom meal plan to overcome your ailment. 



What you get:


  • One 60-minute session via voice call.
  • Once you make your purchase, (yay!) you'll get a link to sign up for a session, details on how to prepare, and what content we will cover. I like to know what's expected of me when I hit that "buy" button, so I make it crystal clear to you.



Prerequisite: you've read my book & you've done my course.


  • Reason 1: Everything I know is embedded in the course and my book. Seriously. I didn't leave anything out. So, chances are that you will find your answer in there and perhaps you don't need coaching after all. 
  • Reason 2: To maximize our your time on this call, I want you to already understand my philosophy. That way, we can get to the good stuff quickly and not chat about what diet I recommend. (Cause it's in there, but you probably need help on the mindset bit to fully jump in). If you are getting stuck in a certain area of the work, then it's time to hop on a call.


How to get added to the waitlist:


  • Before you buy a session, please reach out via email. Tell me about you, your health journey so far, and what you want to work on. Please drop me a note at kelly(at) with "COACHING" in the email subject. 

  • I will be 100% straight up with you if your concerns are better suited for a functional M.D. or professional. I only want to help you if I can actually provide support. 


The nitty gritty:


  • New coaching clients are added to the waitlist. 
  • Coaching is only available via Skype. 
  • I practice time integrity and I honor your day. So, we start and end on time. If you're late to the call, we start at that time and still end on the dot.
  • If you need to reschedule, give me more than 24 hours notice, please. I don't offer refunds for cancellations under 24 hours or no-show appointments.
  • I love it when you come with super specific questions for me. The more detailed you are, the better I can serve you.