Your Blueprint to Healing: The Bundle

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Your Blueprint to Healing: The Bundle



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Kickstart your healing.

This bundle is your starter pack to your best life. 

Control Alt Delete: The Mindset Reboot

If you do the inner work first, the outside falls into place.


If you’ve ever noticed, you've probably failed at healing because you jumped into a plant-based diet, daily meditation, and took handfuls of supplements, only to fall off the bandwagon in four days. That’s because you missed the first step of building an unwavering belief that healing is possible, and more importantly, possible for YOU. Building a strong mindset is the part that 98% of people don’t do. So, be that 2% who has lasting change in their life. Think differently!


What you'll learn:


- How to get your mind on board FIRST before you take action to self-heal. (+ Why your mind will empower you or destroy you when you try). 

- How to have the courage to be the best. This means finding that inner drive and fire to show up every day and commit, even when it feels hard.  

- How to leave behind the "I will be happy when..." mindset and ditch the mental tally of "good" and "bad" days.

- How to build momentum in the right direction BEFORE you take action. (+ How you can harness the compound effect for your own good).   

-  How to reclaim your personal power in all situations (even when you feel completely powerless) and how you can take command of your situation. 

- Tangible steps to build an unwavering faith in yourself, in your healing, and your ability to transform your life. 

- How to bust through your blocks, understand what's holding you back, get clear on what you've been denying, and let go of all the things that no longer serve you. 



What does the course workbook include?


- 81 jam-packed pages.

- 25 worksheets to fill out so you can actually process the work. (Not just read it and return to your old, fixed ways of being). 

- 12 tried-and-true rules on mastering your mind.

- Loads of implementable steps to harness these rules in your daily life. 



What does the audio course include?


- 13 MP3 files for you to listen to on your iPhone, iPod, or computer. 

- 2 hours of audio content for you auditory learners out there

- The entire course on audio (including the worksheets).



Who is this course perfect for?


- If you want to heal, but you've continually failed in the past. Maybe you've struggled with changing with removing dairy, practicing more self-care, or committing to a serious change in your life. (Not just lofty New Year's resolutions). 

- If your negative self-talk and inner critic operate on full volume every time you try to make a change. "You'll always be this way, you'll never be like that, why are you even trying?"

- If you need guidance on how to be relentlessly positive and resilient (despite whatever life throws at you). 

- If you’re ready to unleash the personal power inside of you and kick start your healing. 

F*ck This Sh*t I'm Curing Myself


Everyone asks me: "how did you do it?" Well, this book is it. 

When Western medicine could not fix me and told me “there was nothing I could do,” I said “hell no.” So, I rolled up my denim sleeves and did it myself. I took the Tim Ferriss approach and used myself as a guinea pig to test every strategy to heal my digestive disorders. I played with everything from American private healthcare treatments, to red reishi mushroom supplements, to new-age healers.

I clocked over 10,000 hours experimenting to discover the solution. I did not go to a fancy ivy-league med school, instead, I am a regular person who independently studied the gut, microbiome, and plant-based food until I became an expert in it. Then, I iterated through thousands of tactics on myself.

In this book, I break down my healing methodology and give you tangible, implementable tactics (+ a few Jay Z and Drake lyrics) so you can start immediately. If you are desperately looking for a practical solution, not a lifetime of prescription meds and bouncing between doctor’s offices, then this book is the remedy.



What you'll learn to kick start your healing:


- Red flags which indicate gut problems and illness which often get misdiagnosed - like feeling fatigued, being constipated, having low energy, and always getting sick.  

- What an autoimmune disease, SIBO, Candida, leaky gut, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, and colitis mean. (+ Their symptoms, how to get diagnosed, and how to thrive). 

- What the heck the microbiome, gut, inflammation, autoimmune disease (+ other science terms) actually mean. 

- How to develop a mindset conducive to healing in order to figure out your blocks, stay resilient, and reframe your outlook to challenges with minimal resistance.  

- How to find your “why,” unlock your self-limiting beliefs, practice gratitude for your current body, and deeply believe that you are worthy of recovery. 

- How to nourish your body with a delicious anti-inflammatory diet and cut the bloat, the cramping, and pressure for good. (+ How to eat well on a budget). 

- How food is a transformational tool to support your best life. You’ll learn the full lowdown on what fat, protein, sugar, carbs, vitamins, superfoods, gluten, dairy, and animal products all mean. (+ Get clarity on how food can power you or keep you sick).   

- The lowdown on food allergies and sensitivities and how you can remove them to give inflammation the boot. 

- How antibiotic overuse, synthetic drugs, and prescription meds are major gut disrupters and what to do about it. 

- Which chemicals are lurking your products and how to swap them out without going broke. (+ How to read ingredient labels when shopping and call BS on marketing). 

- How stress freaks out your gut microbes and drives chronic illness. (+ Tangible tips to use when your head is spinning). 



What does the ebook include?


- 170 pages.

- 14 worksheets.

- 12 chapters on each domain of self-healing.

- A dictionary of gut terminology, science lingo, and what these words mean in plain English. 

- 100% transparency on how I healed myself and how you can too. Nothing left unsaid.

- Implementable steps at the end of each topic and chapter on HOW you can actually incorporate this into your life. (In the tiniest of baby steps, because that’s how change happens, am I right?)

The Healing Blueprint


A 12-page guide for those who like it short & sweet.


After 10,000 hours of using myself as a human guinea pig, you can get the "Cliff's Notes" version in 12 pages. How about that for a time saver? This book accumulates of all the golden nuggets I’ve found successful for self-healing in one speedy guide. No green juice and chanting required. Just real, simple ways you can get on the path to healing. 



What you'll learn:


- How to kickstart your healing journey with the 9 simple strategies that enabled me to go from flat, sick, and exhausted to fully functional and rockin' my best life.

- The "Cliff's Notes" and breakdown of my super simple healing methodology in the "miniskirt length" (long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting).

- The basic science of healing and the 5 "light switch" triggers that cause illness. (+ How to combat all those triggers to turn the light switches off in the easiest way possible).



What does the ebook include?



- 12 packed pages. It's truly the quick-start, executive summary guide!

- My 9 tried-and-true strategies.

- A breakdown of the science in layman's terms. No fancy words or medical jargon.

- Additional resources on each strategy if you want to deep dive into a specific area.

- A sneak peek of how I structure my day to encompass all the areas of my healing. (+ My success rituals, habits, and routines that I use daily to keep my body thriving).

The Easiest Elimination Diet

Uncover your allergies.


An elimination diet is when you take out all of the potential triggers from your diet and then introduce them back in one by one. When I did mine, I couldn’t find a single program I wanted to follow online, in-store, or at the local bookstore. So, I built this for myself. This is a great investment because it’s created by someone who genuinely knows the frustration of feeling crappy every day and the struggle to feel better. This book is for people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Heck, I sure was! I was fed up with feeling “off,” having day-long headaches, and constant stomach pain and this program changed EVERYTHING for me. The goal is to live a rockin’ life! I want you to have a functional, pain-free life and have the energy to live it!


What does the ebook include?


– 30-page workbook.

– 2.5-month calendar of all the foods you will be adding in over a specific, science-backed timeline, plus a bonus week if you want to test yourself for other foods.

– 14 weekly check-in sheets with space to record all your symptoms associated with each food you introduce.

– The elimination diet methodology breakdown and the science behind it.

– A list of the top allergens and common foods in each category. Plus, we test for allergies that are more than just peanuts and shellfish – the ultra-common ones. We dig into some of the everyday culprits that 98% of people miss!

– Tips on staying sane (‘cause I know this ain’t easy) and space to write words of affirmation.

– Breakdown of the differences between an allergy and a food sensitivity. Plus, how you can tell the difference in your body.

– What to do once you figure out your allergies and where to go from there.

The 3-Day Jumpstart Cookbook


Make your life easier.


The pretty recipes and Pinterest boards are endless, but when push comes to shove, trying a new way of eating can feel like one giant question mark. Umm, what’s this? Do I own a $700 Vitamix? No. With my schedule? As if.

This is your 3-day test drive. Take plant-based food for a spin and see how it feels. I’ll be hand-holding you through the entire process with a shopping list, a step-by-step meal prep guide, and hella simple recipes.



What does this cookbook include?


- 40 power-packed pages.

- 14 scrumptious and simple recipes (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, 3 snacks, and 2 desserts).

- 1 full shopping list.

- An ultra-detailed meal prep guide so you can do the bulk of the work in advance.

- A detailed FAQ if you’re wondering about what to drink, what to purchase organic, and the nitty-gritty stuff.


All of the recipes are:


- Gluten-free

- Plant-based (no meat, dairy, seafood or eggs)

- Nutrient-dense 

- Allergen-friendly (no gluten, dairy, peanuts, corn, soy, or oats)

- Low sugar 

- Anti-inflammatory



This way of eating really works because:


Food transformed me. It eliminated most of my weird symptoms from my autoimmune disease (celiac disease), Raynaud's disease, leaky gut, IBS, and Candida. After changing the way I ate, it was like "holy f*ck! I didn't know I could feel THIS good!" If you want to learn the science, read the data and supporting studies for yourself here.


Who is this cookbook perfect for?


- If you want to give plant-based nourishment a try without the commitment.

- If you have a bazillion Pinterest pins, but you never make any of them….cause #life.

- If you want to experiment with the concept of using food as medicine and witness how good it feels to thrive.



Do I have to follow the 3-day guide?


No. You can use this cookbook in two ways. #1. Treat it like a regular cookbook and eat what you please. Each recipe is described as if you are making it from scratch.  #2. Follow the meal prep and shopping guide to set yourself up for three days worth of delicious grub! When you read the recipe and it says "make the pesto" you can just go to the fridge and pull out your pre-made pesto.



How many people does this serve? Will there be enough food?


It's for 1 person, so if you're wanting to cook this for you and a partner, double it. It's tested 'til perfection and it's enough grub to fuel my partner and I through 3 full days of workouts and long workdays. Zero hangry-ness.


I've never eaten plant-based before, will I like it?


Yes! It's really filling, delicious, and you'll probably want seconds. My carnivorous friends tried these recipes and every single one of them finished their plates and asked for a cookbook copy. I tested these recipes out on all sorts of folks - meat eaters, gluten lovers, and die-hard bacon fans alike. Consistently, I heard: “Woah, this is good! Are you sure there isn’t meat in here?” Yep.



Do I have to buy a bunch of weird ingredients?


Nope! I intentionally made it simple so you can find them at your local store. I also kept your shopping list short and used the same ingredients throughout the cookbook. So, when you buy tahini (ground up sesame seeds) you’ll use it several times!

3 Day Jumpstart by Kelly Trach.png

The Real Talk

Kelly Trach 2.jpg

This methodology really works because:


I am the living proof. If a regular person can do this work and ultimately shift their life, so can you. I am an ordinary person that built a toolbox to self-heal my problems, and you know what? They worked. What’s crazy is that my strategies worked even better than I ever imagined. Ten years ago, I swallowed down the fact that I was going to be sick forever. But, here I am now - living a stellar, full and abundant life.

This is a great investment because:


You can start healing NOW. You don’t need to wait for another doctor’s appointment or read another fad diet book or schedule endless specialist appointments. You can begin by assembling the pieces together by yourself. This bundle shares the tested-till-perfect strategies that will enable you to thrive and it's an accumulation of all the golden nuggets I’ve found successful for self-healing. It’s a one-stop shop for science, nutrition, mindset, and the importance of a non-toxic lifestyle. (I’ve yet to find a book or course that sums it up altogether).


This bundle is perfect for you if:


- For anyone who's battling a chronic illness, autoimmune disease, health issues, or just feels "off" - this book is for you (because that was definitely me).

- If you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired - you just want to get the show on the road already! You want a quick read and the full strategy right up front. 

- For someone brand new to self-healing and the fundamentals of functional medicine. Or, for those already on their healing journey looking for more tools for their toolbox.

- For anyone who wants the answers right now and the facts up front. You want it? You got it. 



Do I need an e-reader?


Nope! All of the documents are in PDF or MP3 format, so you can read it digitally or listen on your iPad, phone, or computer.  


Can I purchase these books and courses individually?


My approach to healing is holistic. This is everything you need in one place - from the mindset work to nourishing your loving body with plant-based and gluten-free foods, to understanding the gut and microbiome. Plus, these books and courses all touch on each other, so my intention is for you to have it all in one spot! Easy peasy! No more looking around online at midnight or trying to piece information together from random blogs.


Can I find this information for free online?


I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff on the interwebs about self-healing and really far out stuff. Personally, I’m more about using science-based strategies and practical solutions, then trying those tactics for myself.

Plus, I’ve found that the freebies lurking around can give bad advice and hail from folks who don’t have these conditions either. It’s one thing to lecture about an illness and the best practices to solve it, but if the author doesn't have the condition, doesn't practice what they preach, or have studies to back it up, then it’s not worth your time. With my bundle, you know you’re getting expert advice from a real human who’s been in your shoes. So whatever you’re going through, I can totally relate!

I strictly only preach what I practice. I only write about the things I've experienced, what gave me massive results, and the strategies I continue to use daily. Otherwise, I don't feel in integrity with my word. So, you're getting a total peek into my everyday life!


Is this backed by science?


This bundle is about getting real results, not playing around just for kicks. I researched dozens of medical studies and learned from the masters about functional medicine, the gut, the microbiome, and how to nourish yourself in order to live a rad life. (If you want the data and supporting studies for yourself, read it here).

You've got this! Hit purchase!