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Build a Digital Business



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By the end of this package, you’ll have turned your idea into a digital business, got your first paid client + first 5k month.

I’m Kelly, a proven + trusted business coach.

I’ll take that dream in your heart and turn it into a profitable business.

By the end of this package, you will have:

  • Illuminated your zone of genius and discovered which gifts can be turned into gold.

  • Discovered your target demographic and validated your offering with them so it's guaranteed to sell like hotcakes.

  • Uncovered what you should sell and you’ll have crafted your products, services, pricing with ease.

  • A full business set up including website, legal, bookkeeping, accounting, client onboarding, a strong social media presence, email marketing software, and a podcast / YouTube channel.

  • Launched a gorgeous website that you are proud of and excited to share.

  • Started your email list and create a rocksolid feebie that your target demographic is dying to have. And learned how add thousands of quality leads with my step-by-step implementation.

  • Full social media set up so that you're seen as a trusted leader and you can easily grow your following.

  • Started a podcast or YouTube channel to grow your fanbase (complete with step-by-step implementation, swipe copy, and tutorials).

  • A proven sales and marketing strategy customized just for you. Plus, hand-holding as you gain the confidence to sell without the sleaze.

  • Your first paid client and first $5k month.

  • A personal roadmap to consistent $10k months an a bespoke business plan entirely tailored to you going forward.

You are the right client if:

  • Have an idea of what you desire to create, but no business yet.

  • Need someone to help illuminate your genius and show you what you’re excellent at in the world. (And how you can earn the big bucks from it).

  • Desire a digital business where you are location independent, offer 1:1 service-based or coaching work, and offer passive income online courses down the road.

  • Are doing creative work in the world, but don’t come from a business background. I’ll help you figure out the business side so that all you need to do is stay in your genius of creative work.

  • You secretly think you're not good enough to do it, smart enough, or better people are already doing it and therefore you can't. Plus, you worry: "who am I to do this?" And you walk back down the diving board ladder all of the time thinking: "I can't."

  • Are 100% committed to building your business and you’ve got a deep desire to take your life to the next level. This means, you’re willing to do the work and dive in with two feet.

  • Can dedicate 15+ hours per week to building your business and your intention is to go full-time as soon as you can.

  • Nod your head when I use words like intuition, manifestation, and the universe. You dig the spiritual, woo-woo things too.

How it works:

  • One clarity questionnaire: Before we begin, I'll give you questions to explore and pre-coaching work so that we maximize our time together and you hit your goals sooner.

  • Twelve 90-minute coaching calls via Skype audio: Each week we meet for 90-minutes so that you are supported, you have a solid plan of action, and you are making progress in record time. I come with a detailed list of questions ready for you and a structured outline of what we will be working on - all personalized and dedicated to your needs.

  • Recorded calls: Every is saved as an MP3. You can listen again anytime, not have to worry about taking notes, and keep our conversations forever.

  • Action items: Each call, I assign roughly 10 action items so that you can implement your bespoke strategy over the week. This way, you stay on track, always have a plan, and you never feel overwhelmed. No more “what ifs” and late nights Googling. You always know exactly what to do next.

  • Full material review and detailed feedback: I personally review all of your documents, products, website pages, study your social media, research your funnels, look at your financials, and provide in depth feedback on everything. This is very time intensive and this is what makes my coaching ultra unique and exceedingly thorough. For every hour we chat on the phone, I’ve done two hours of backend work studying your business to give you specific, tailored feedback and personal guidance. This way, when you launch, you know that I’ve given you the green light, found your blind spots, and set you up for success.

  • Unlimited email support: Between each coaching call, you can ask me for guidance anytime. This makes implementation a total breeze for you and I’m always here to bounce ideas around.

  • Free enrollment in Your Conscious Empire: Enjoy my signature course so that you can get your business off the ground ASAP and have all the swipe copy and plug-and-play templates at your fingertips.

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