1 Coaching Session

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1 Session of Coaching with Kelly Trach.png

1 Coaching Session



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Hello, unlimited potential! 


The focus:


  • In our chat, we'll figure out where your mind is at right now. Are you stuck? Are you in a rut? Do you have negative thought loops on repeat? Are you sabotaging your success? 
  • Let’s talk blocks, barriers, and the inner critic that is holding you back. Together, we can master the negative self-talk and your self-limiting beliefs.
  • We will set the vision. What's the end goal? How can I help you get you to where you want to go?
  • You'll get strategies, resources, ideas, tips, and a bucket load of implemental tools. I am all for giving you the car keys and getting you on the road as soon as possible.



What you get:


  • One clarity questionnaire: Before we begin, I'll give you some questions for you to explore and dive into so that we can maximize our time together.
  • One 30-minute intro call: Together, we get clear on your end goal and where you're wanting to go. This pre-coaching call is all about get grounded and rooted in who you really are and reviewing your clarity questionnaire together. 
  • One 90-minute coaching call via Skype audio: This is where the magic happens. 


How this coaching offering compares:

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Get started:


If you want to take the leap with me, apply for coaching here. One on one coaching is only offered by application only to make sure we are an aligned, rock solid fit. 


Do you offer a payment plan for this package?


Because this is a single session, it is paid upfront in full before we start.


Terms & conditions:


This coaching package is paid upfront and in full. Prices are listed in USD and all coaching is final sale. I encourage you to explore my one-on-one coaching terms here on the terms and conditions page so you're clear on how coaching works, what's expected of you, and how we make stellar things happen in your life! Plus, upon purchase, you will be signing and agreeing to these legally binding terms again so we're all good to go!