Your Permission Slip to Change Your Life Anytime

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The real-life change actually looks like tiny, tiny shifts versus burning it all down to the ground.


Changing your life doesn't always happen according to the dates on the calendar. Change doesn't come with the seasons. Change also doesn't always knock before it enters. Change comes when it's ready to come. Sometimes, you play on its designated timeline (no matter how hard you seek to control it).

Today, we are talking about what "changing your life" actually looks like in real life - no bullshit, no fluff, no January 1st new year's resolutions, just real and honest ways that change flows into our lives.

Change comes when it's ready to come and we are honoring that today on the podcast. I also share how the winds of change are blowing in my life and how I teach this work because I also need it and use it just as much as you do.

This episode is fresh, it's real, and it's unfiltered. (This is my favorite version of Kelly Trach BTW - the one that just speaks her truth openly. I also drop a lot of F-bombs in this episode because it's a part of the surrender process). If you want a breath of fresh air, tune into today's show.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- That you can change your life at any time. Not just January 1st or your birthday.

- That change doesn't have to look like burning it all down, quitting your life, and Eat-Pray-Loving it all over the world. Usually, monumental change comes from small shifts. Unsexy, but true.

- That things will fall into place at the right time. Change comes when it is ready to come. Everything falls into place at the exact, right divine timing. You will bloom when you are ready to bloom, so stop pulling the flower out of the soil and expecting it to hurry up. Honor where you are at and be gentle with yourself. 

- That surrendering is your strength. This sounds so backward, but it's so damn true.

- That when you try to control everything, you control nothing. 


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