Wendy Vaz on Authenticity & Removing the Stigma Around Mental Illness

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"We are conditioned to think that when we face negative things, we must fear it or fight it."


I am excited to bring you my friend Wendy Vaz today! In this conversation, we deep dive into authenticity, truth-telling, and showing up as your real self - no matter what struggles you are facing. I hope you love this episode just as much as I did! If you love the #realtalk, then this one is for you.


About Wendy:


After receiving a full scholarship to study abroad in Vancouver, Canada for four years, Wendy is now back in Malaysia, chasing her dream to be a social entrepreneur. She aspires to use her own mental illness struggles to open up the conversation and fight the social stigma about mental health in Southeast Asia. A bubbly and creative soul, Wendy is often seen sharing on her social platform, inspiring her followers to live authentically and creatively. She is the lifestyle blogger at livingvazzy.com and henna artist at Henna Wendhenna.


P.S. Wendy and I were classmates together at the UBC Sauder School of Business and she is also in my weekly mastermind group. I'm so glad I can share her wisdom with you here on the podcast!


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How to tell people that you are struggling with a mental health issue and Wendy's tips on opening up. 

- How our fears hold us back from full self-expression. 

- When to listen to others versus totally ignore their advice and do what's right for you.  

- The importance of boundaries during your healing journey and not accepting input from everyone. 

- How to take intentional rest (especially if you are type-A) and build a meditation practice (+ what to do if guided apps aren't your thing).

- That healing truly requires faith and trust in yourself. 'Cause you got this.

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