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I'm so happy to have you here!


This podcast is all about elevating your life and reclaiming your personal power so you can heal for real. Each week, I'll bring you a conversation with me or a guest to give you strategies to make healing happen. We'll explore self-help, mindset, plant-based eating, and gut health.


This podcast is designed to be your toolbox!


I wanted to create a space where you could get help, get educated, and take healing into your own hands. Plus, my intention is to share everything I know with you.


If you are just tuning in for the first time, I'll fill you in on my story.


I spent 10,00 hours trying to self-heal my body from chronic illness. I never intended to lead this work, but one day, it hit me that the only thing I've ever master in my lifetime has been self-healing my body - not tech, not business school, or any of the other things I was on-track to do.


What I have:


I have an autoimmune disease (celiac disease), Raynaud's condition (which is an autoimmune condition), IBS, leaky gut, Candida, and a handful of severe food allergies.



I had a difficult time getting a diagnosis because my string of symptoms was hard to link together.


I was tired all the time and I had no energy for everyday life. I felt sick, bloated, and in pain every time I ate. If there was a cold or flu going around, I was guaranteed to get it. Headaches and brain fog were constant. My bowel movements were all over the place - either diarrhea for days or not going at all for days. And lastly, my mineral and vitamin deficiencies never left, no matter how many supplements I took. If you have a similar health story, it can feel like you have some crazy, rare, unknown disease and like you'll need to live off-the-grid in isolation forever.



I played "doctor hopscotch" for years - it's when you endlessly bounce been medical appointments on your quest for answers.


I tried everything that Western and Eastern medicine could provide - everything from new-age healers to American private health care treatments and spent 10 years doing it.


What finally worked was building a strong mindset, eating plant-based, and living toxin-free.


If you are dealing with the same symptoms as me, or even if you are looking to add more tools to your toolbox, join in. This podcast is all about how you can do exactly the same. So, build your own toolbox and heal your mind, body, and life.

I'd love to see you back here next week!

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