Warning Signs to Stop Ignoring

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7 symptoms I wish someone told me were red flags.


Personally, I was in the dark about my health and growing up in a small, Canadian suburb nicknamed "Pleasantville," I didn't know that I was dealing with something serious. Forever, I just thought: "oh, I'm just tired all the time, but I'm fine." 

Chances are, you don't really talk about your health and what you are working through with your friends over Sunday brunch. So, sometimes, it's really easy to feel in the dark and like you are seriously the only one going through this stuff.

My intention with this episode is to make you feel less alone and to remind you to keep going and investigating your health if any of these warning signs sound familiar to you.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- The 7 symptoms that are red flags, even though they might feel normal in today's society. For example, being tired all the time, frequently getting sick, or being forever constipated. 

- How these seemingly "normal" issues showed up in my life and my personal examples (that you might relate to).

- Bowel health 101. And yes, we are going there. 

- About functional medicine and why it's the easiest way to get a clear diagnosis, especially if you are going in circles.


Resources mentioned:


My book: The Healing Blueprint

The Tsetse fly

The Institue for Functional Medicine's Find a Practioner Database


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Instagram: @kellytrach


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