Throw Out Everything You Know & Go With How it Feels

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Sometimes, it’s the only way to get the right answer & arrive at your truth.


Quite often, we default to what we know, what've we've been told, and what we've done in the past. In reality, sometimes we have to chuck all that out and simply tune into how it feels in the present moment.

You are a different person now. You have so much new knowledge and you must honor that. (Yay for personal growth!) Now, this can feel really awkward when you need to pipe up and explain that something which worked in the past, no longer feels right. 

When you need to make a big choice or when the wind in your sails changes, listen to this episode and learn how to express that vocally and how to silence your inner critic when it says what you "should" do instead.

In this episode, you'll also learn how to give yourself the grace and permission to say what you feel, honor your soul's calling, and express that you've had a change of heart. Often, we can feel flaky or worry that people won't respect us anymore if we share our truth, yet it's far better than showing up with resentment.

This episode is perfect for anyone moving through change, a personal evolution in their life, or if you need a tiny reminder to just be who you are in this moment in time, no matter what you did before.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How to listen to your intuition and take the feelings-based approach.

- That you are your own guru and all of your answers are inside of yourself.

- How to say no and tell people that you've changed your mind.

- How to quit something that you've said yes to previously.

- How to throw out everything you've learned and honor what your body is telling you in the present moment.

- How to lean into the best case scenario and the worst case scenario when making a leap. 

- Why you need to stop "shoulding" all over yourself.


Resources mentioned:


- Your Best Life

- The Inner Circle

- The Feelings-Based Approach Tutorial

- My YouTube Channel

How Creating Space & Stillness is the Secret to Getting What You Want - The Kelly Trach Show

- How to Overcome Your Upper Limit Problem vs. Self-Sabotaging Your New Success - The Kelly Trach Show


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