Stop Denying Yourself Pleasure

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Pleasure is your power.


We have so many backward misconceptions about the word "pleasure" and our worthiness of it. For starters, pleasure doesn't always have a sexual connotation. Pleasure can take all sorts of forms: savoring your almond latte, weekend vacations, a calming deep breath, or an afternoon walk.

But, here's the deal: are you pinching yourself off from pleasure? Are you not allowing yourself to feel it?

Pleasure isn't reserved for other people or those who have more "free time" on their calendar. Pleasure is available to you. Pleasure is seeking you just as much as you are seeking it. 

If you have any fear-based stories in your head about why you don't deserve rest or nice things, then this episode is for you. Type-A people (like myself) sometimes need to reboot their mindset when it comes to enjoying your life in the present moment versus saving it for one day in the future, needing to deserve it or prove that we are worthy of it. 

My beautiful friend, you are worthy of all the pleasure right now. And the best part is that it doesn't have to take extra time or need to be super deluxe.

So today on the podcast, I'm sharing why you need to take your pleasure seriously, how to stop justifying it, and how to start savoring it. 



In this episode, you'll learn:


- That you are already deserving of your pleasure.

- To create your own personal definition of what pleasure means to you. (Especially if you need to re-write it!)

- Why you need to stop justifying your pleasure to others. (This includes explaining why you deserve it, why you have earned it, or why you needed to work so hard for it).

- That pleasure can be simple and small. It also doesn't need to cost you any extra time.

- Examples of pleasure in your everyday life. 

- That if you enjoy pleasure, you won't become a hedonistic slob that never does any work. (That was my big fear). You will learn to trust your intuition and the bathtub metaphor is perfect in this example.

- How to question all of your fear-based stories and self-limiting beliefs around pleasure.

- That pleasure isn't something that is available for other people. It's totally available to you.

- That pleasure is power. Honoring it and being good to yourself is a form of personal power. 


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- Your Best Life. My online, self-study, best-selling course on how to build a life you love by starting with the inner work first and mastering your mindset.



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