Steph Jagger on Intuition, Courageous Living & Moving Forward From a Place of Wholeness

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"Am I listening to the call for adventure & do I have the courage to say yes when I hear it?"


If you are ready to crack possibility wide open, Steph is your gal. This conversation is one of my favorites so far on the pod because Steph challenges the status quo, lives her truth, and has done the work to move from good to great. 

This episode is a juicy one. We talk about trust, cultivating your intuition, and her connection with the universe. We talk about what it's like to be divinely led and how to be a channel for what is trying to create with us. Steph also shares the intuition of joy and fear and what those both sound, feel, and look like when we get those intuitive hits. 

Unbound was one of my favorite 2017 reads. Steph and I share a similar background and the both had the "good" life we discuss in this episode. Both of us grew up in Vancouver Canada, were on the cushy corporate marketing track, got all the awards and gold stars, and Steph shares that she had this inkling that there was just something else out there for her. And when I read this book for the first time, I felt as if Steph was talking directly to me.

For anyone who dares to live boldly, do their work in the world, and dive in (head first) into the life that's being called for them, this episode is for you. 


About Steph:


Steph Jagger is a force of nature. She believes, rather foolhardily, in the following mantra: Know Thyself, Choose Thyself, Make Shit Happen. 

She is an author, speaker, coach, and world record smasher who splits time between Southern California and British Columbia where she dreams big dreams, writes her heart out, and runs an executive & life coaching practice. She holds a CEC (certified Executive Coach) degree from Royal Roads University and she believes purposeful living doesn’t happen with one toe dangling in, but that we jump in, fully submerge, and sit in the juice. Think pickle, not cucumber. 

In 2010 she began a journey that found her walking that exact talk, or perhaps a better way of putting it would be “skiing that exact talk.” From July of that year to May of 2011 Steph chased winter around the globe. She wound up breaking the record for the most vertical feet skied in a year. Post-journey Steph penned a memoir, which was released by Harper Collins in 2017 – the book is called Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery.

You can find more at or get the inside scoop on Instagram @stephjagger


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How Steph starts off her day with her intentional morning routine.

- The difference between having a life that's "good" versus "great, stupendous, and mind-blowing."

- Why having it "good" can be an excuse that holds us back from stepping into a life that's "great." (+ How to boldly live a courageous life). 

- How gratitude and wanting more for your life can go together. (+ Unlearning the idea that they are mutually exclusive).

- Why we need examples of both women who have risen above the ashes and those who have gone from good to great. (+ How the female narrative is missing stories of unbroken women who move forward from a place of wholeness in their lives).

- How we have all inherited ways of being, doing, and becoming in the world. 

- What to do when you notice that you've got cracks in the foundation. (+ How to get awareness and guidance). 

- How it takes courage to listen and to say yes to the call of adventure, especially when there is no evidence or proof or it's not what you are "supposed to do" with your life.

- What the intuition of fear sounds and feels like in your body versus the intuition of joy.

- How to lean into the feminine if you've adopted the masculine ideal for far too long. 

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