Rachael Hunt On Spirituality, Meditation & Gluten Freedom

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"We owe it to ourselves to fight for our own health."


Today, I'm looking forward to sharing Rachel Hunt with you on the show! We met when she and her co-host Becka interviewed me on their podcast and today, I'll happy to bring her to you! We go into lots of juicy stuff and I hope you enjoy this podcast just as much as I did!


About Rachael:


Rachael Hunt is the founder of GlutenFreedomInc.com, a site dedicated to cooking, dining, traveling and living gluten-free. She has become a useful resource for those looking for solutions to their gluten-free lifestyle. Rachael is also passionate about leading a balanced life through regular fitness, eating whole foods, and practicing mindfulness and self-care regularly.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How Rachael got to where she is now, co-hosting the popular Gluten-free Girlfriends Podcast, sharing her wisdom with her blog followers, and working with Airbnb doing gluten-free tours in Toronto.

- How Rachael builds consistent routines and what her morning ritual looks like. 

- How to enjoy restaurants as a person with dietary preferences, especially if you are gluten-free.

- How your diet can reframe your approach to health, healing, self-care, and spirituality. (+ How your first dietary changes can be a diving board into a whole new world).

- How Rachael defines abundance with gratitude and love.

- Meditation #IRL and how she uses mantras, themes, and crystals in her practice. 

- How to go easy on yourself when you're starting a meditation practice and knowing that it's not about taming the beast, but allowing the thoughts to surface. 

- How spirituality finds you. 

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