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Rest is highly underrated, but it's where the magic happens.


Today, we're talking about how vacations can be unsustainable. Life can feel like we are sprinting long distance and then we are rewarded with two weeks of doing absolutely nothing. 

Now that I am back from vacation, I'm sharing with you some of my a-ha moments that involve a lifestyle that's rooted in fun, play and rest daily so that we don't always need to feel like we are literally dying for a vacation. 

In this episode, we dive into social media breaks, intentional rest, and how play truly is productive. It's really in the moments that we play that we come to the million dollar idea or the new awakening, not after five back-to-back meetings feeling drained. Plus, I also talk about how you need to own the way in which you work and that your work style doesn't need to look like the "norm" or the "hustle" or the "traditional" methodology of achievement. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- Everyday, simple ways to feel like you're on a vacation everyday (even if you only have 5 minutes).

- How important it is to question the stories that you have in your head about work, how it should look, and that you can choose your own story around work. 

- That rest is underrated. Take more breaks. Take more breaths. Slow down. It doesn’t matter how fast you go. It only matters how much you love the process and that you’re savoring every part of the unfolding.

-  To seek silence and space. Also underrated in our high-tech, sped up world. (I need both given how much taking, coaching, and teaching I do on a daily basis). Quite often, we forget to take a quiet pause and go inwards.

- That play is productive. (FYI: The universe works faster when you’re having fun).

- That just because everyone else lives their life one way, it’s doesn’t mean you have to follow it. My work style is highly different than most. Just go do your own thing in your own way.

- How to take intentional social media breaks and when on vacation, don’t buy the WiFi package. There is so much happening in the present moment to soak up and enjoy. The iMac is great during the working hours, but the real ideas flow when the iPhone is on airplane mode.


Resources mentioned:


The post on instagram about my a-ha moments from Hawaii

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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