Nicole Antoinette on Speaking Your Truth, Real Talk & Doing Hard Things

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"Being more open and honest with other people starts with being more open & honest with yourself."


It's such a treat to bring you Nicole Antoinette, host of the Real Talk Radio podcast. Today, we explore what real talk means in everyday life, how to be more human in daily situations, and how to start a more genuine conversation versus the typical: "so, what do you do for a living?" 

Most importantly, Nicole explains the frequent misconceptions of real talk. You'll learn that it's more about being true to your everyday life versus sitting down for a 6-hour deep conversation about your childhood trauma with your boss.

In this conversation, we also talk about Nicole's life motto of "we can do hard things" and how she believes that challenge, ease, and joy are all intertwined. Plus, Nicole recently returned from her long distance, thru-hike of the Arizona Trail and she shares about the mental toughness, physical toughness, and inner fortitude that was required for the journey.

I'm honored to be sharing Nicole with you because her podcast is one of my all-time favorites and her life philosophies, dedication, and pursuit for greater social change is deeply inspiring. So, I hope you love this episode, download her podcast, and check out her Pateron page to support her world-changing work.


About Nicole:


Nicole Antoinette is a writer and host of the Real Talk Radio podcast, where people come together to have honest conversations about their real lives. A recovering self-help junkie and former goal-setting coach, Nicole is obsessed with helping people get to the heart of what’s true without judgement, and with exploring how we can use grit and grace to close the gap between what we say we want and what we actually do. Join the conversation at


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In this episode, you'll learn:


- How you can use more real talk in your everyday life to be more open and honest. (+ What real talk actually means, versus the misconception that it's trauma sharing and being vulnerable about everything - even the pieces that we haven't healed from yet).

- How to explore boundaries with real talk.

- That real talk with your best friend is going to be vastly different that real talk with your boss. (+ The misconception that real talk means being wildly open and sharing all your hardships upfront).

- That ease and doing hard things are related versus opposites. 

- About Nicole's life motto of "we can do hard things" and what "grit and grace" means to her.

- That the only way to do that big, sexy thing that you aim to do is to take one unsexy, step at a time. (+ All about her thru-hike of the Arizona Trail and the devotion that courage that went into that long distance hike).

- How to figure out what's true for you, sit with your truth, and accept it.


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