My 3-Step Boundary Statement That Works Like a Charm

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When you need to set a boundary statement, use this one. Works. Every. Time.


Boundaries can be awkward to set, enforce, and uphold. Today, I'm sharing with you the 3-step statement that I've handcrafted for myself and my coaching clients. It's easy, you can use it for any situation and it cushions the "blow" when you need to turn someone down, say no, or decline an invitation. 

We're also talking about how important it is to hold your ground and the reminder that just because someone asks you a personal question, it doesn't mean that you need to answer or you owe them a reply. In this episode, I also explain what to do when people push past your boundary statement and overstep your boundary. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- My 3-step boundary statement that I use in my personal life and teach my coaching clients. 

-When you need to set a boundary and how it will feel in your body when you've overstepped it.

- What to do when people keep pushing after you set a boundary.

- That just because someone asks you a question, you don't owe anyone a response, a justification, or an explanation.

-The mindset shift that setting a boundary statement can be a favor that you're doing for the other person. (+ How people would rather not ask you uncomfortable topics and if you set a boundary statement in an everyday conversation, it lets the other person off the hook from having to apologize, back peddle, and pivot the conversation).

- Why you need to uphold boundaries with yourself. (+ Your relationship with yourself is the most important one there is).

- Common areas of our life where we forget to build boundaries.



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