Mary Beth LaRue & Jacki Carr on Trust, Letting Go & Creating from Abundance

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"Bliss not as a facade, but as a moment to moment reality that I choose."


Get ready, this episode just might be my favorite of all time! We have both Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue together on the show. (OMG, I know. It's like Christmas morning).

Jacki and Mary Beth are the founders of Rock Your Bliss, a coaching and transformation company that I've deeply loved and today, we're talking about some of the biggest tools and topics I've resonated with in their coaching programs.

In this episode, we deep dive on faith and trust. These two words alone bring up so much stuff and Jacki and Mary Beth explore how to practice trust when things feel wildly uncertain, when you're grasping at nothing, and in those moments when shit really does hit the fan. They also share how they return to wholeness and self-acceptance. 

We also touch on crafting an intentional social media practice and this concept of letting go of trying to "make it." As growth seeking beings, we're always on the lookout for what's next or trying to build our lives after seeing what other's have done. We talk a lot about letting go of this "I'll be happy when" syndrome that many of us dwell in. (Including myself at times when I'm not mastering my mindset). 

Lastly, we touch on intuition, creating space and stillness for the answers to come, and not always reaching for the next big thing. Plus, I adore their take on the importance of creating from abundance versus scarcity. 

So, tune in and listen to this episode, especially if you need a dose of faith and trust. You'll complete adore it. Grab your matcha or coffee and hang out with us three for the hour.


About Rock Your Bliss:

Rock Your Bliss offers radical coaching to help you design a life that... well... rocks your bliss. They foster community through self-development practices, vulnerable conversations, and applicable tools.

Making Shift Happen is their motto. It’s how they live and how they thrive.

A transformation company founded by Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue, they offer a unique combination of yoga + coaching which brings action to intention. It's how dreams become reality. Through years of friendship, many sweaty yoga classes and game-changing conversations over green juice or coffee, Jacki, and Mary Beth found a combination that is truly life-altering.


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In this episode, you'll learn:


- What bliss means to them. "Bliss not as a facade, but as a moment to moment reality that I choose." - Jacki Carr

- How to practice trust and how Jacki and Mary Beth have individually have learned to trust themselves and each other in their friendship and business. 

- How Mary Beth trusts that everything works out as it should, especially in the moments when it feels like a free fall or everything is on the line.

- How on the other side of trust is transformation.  (+ The intuitive nature of trust).

- "I need trust like I need air, and sunlight, and water." - Mary Beth LaRue

- That you can show up trusting life or you can show up like the world is out to get you. 

- That when you are grounded and present, it's an amazing time to call in what you are desiring. (+ That the universe is unfolding as it should and life is unfolding as it should).

- "Its about being as present as I possibly can to what's occurring in my life. And not evening spending time labeling something as good or bad, but instead just being present for all that is occurring." - Mary Beth LaRue

- How our fear brain wants to attack, plan for disaster, and always look for the worst case scenario. When instead, how to tune into that love-based voice in our head or intuition and shift the focus.

- Intentional social media use and making sure you're not using it to fill the void or drown out your feelings.

- How important it is to carve out space for yourself and why it's vital to get even ten minutes of solo time and space.

- "If you watch a tree that isn't producing fruit, you might think it's done producing fruit, but it's not. It's getting the energy to create something else." - Mary Beth LaRue

- The importance of creating from abundance versus scarcity.

- "It's this balance of loving what is and then having the trust and the collaboration with the universe to create. But if you don't start with the relaxed state of gratitude, then we approach it from a place of scarcity." - Mary Beth LaRue



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