Make Medical Appointments Productive

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If you are having troubles getting diagnosed, try these strategies.


I had my fair share of appointments that went nowhere. During my journey, I played doctor hopscotch. I often left the doctor's office feeling dismal, hopeless, and frustrated. Ever felt like this?


To be honest, I'm worried that you'll think I'm bat-shit-crazy and that I'm taking extreme measures. I've found these strategies highly effective and even if one of these tips helps you out, I'm willing to share it all and suspend my ego. 



In this episode, you'll learn:


- 12 strategies to make the most of your time in the doc's office

- how to have better conversations with your doctor and communicate effectively

- how you can harness language to maximize those 20-minute visits

- how to be assertive with your health

- how to take ownership of your medical records and keep a personal file for yourself

- how to get educated on your own and bring your knowledge to the appointment

- how to be prepared for major appointments

- what to do if you are feeling dismissed

- what to do if the doctor doesn't take you seriously

- how to showcase your knowledge (even if you didn't go to med school)

- how to speak up, ask for tests, referrals, and lead the conversation 



Resources mentioned:


Dr. Mark Hyman

What is functional medicine?

Resources to get educated on your own

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