KT Q&A with Kristy Vail: Manifesting, Boundaries & Dealing with People who Don't Understand You

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Today, I’m in the hot seat answering Kristy’s burning questions!


It's a total treat to have Kristy Vail back on the podcast today! She's an interior designer that helps people find alignment in their spaces and beyond. Today, she is interviewing me on this episode of "KT Q&A" where I have podcast listeners come on and interview me on the show! She's a perfect representation of the listener community and it's a pleasure to have her back - this time asking me some of those burning questions that you're probably wondering too!


About Kristy: 


Kristy Vail is an interior designer with a background in real estate and staging. She helps people find alignment in their spaces and beyond. Her intention is to help people live more joyful lives that align with their values and lifestyle. Her design services are not only focused on interiors but helping people live their best lives. She works both in-person and virtually.



In this episode, you'll learn:


- How to have boundaries with social media and Instagram.

- My honest tips for people just starting out who want to build an online business too.

- Why taking action is more valuable than having great ideas that just sit in your head.

- How to attract in a conscious relationship and how I manifested my partner Chris.

- How to deal with the people in your life that don't understand you or your work.


Resources Mentioned:


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