KT Q&A with Dominique Huang: Self-Doubt, Silicon Valley & Listening for the Call

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“I don’t want to live my life on autopilot.”


My guest and good friend Dominique Huang puts me on the spot for the newest edition of “KT Q&A.” In this mini series, a listener and I switch spots for an episode and today, Dominique asks me insightful questions about my career. Find out how I figured which of my strengths and interests to pursue, how I schedule my work days, and the techniques I use to refresh and readjust my lifestyle.

Dominique also discusses the merits of different decision-making processes and why you should ditch the old “pros” and “cons” list. On top of that, we feature a few shoutouts to my course-takers Dori, Mandy, Eugene and Sam!

About Dominique: 

Dominique Huang is currently a student at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, where she studies computer science, and formerly attended Draper University with me. Dominique has been fascinated by self-development since her earliest years, wanting to make the most out of her life instead of flying on “autopilot.” She also has a knack for asking intriguing and necessary questions that made her an ideal staff writer for The Wellesley News and perfect for this episode of “KT Q&A.”

In this episode, you'll learn:

 -About my first poolside meeting with Dominique at Draper University, an entrepreneurship school.

- Some of Dominique’s favourite self-development books and how she integrates them into her life.

- How to divine a path in life that goes against the grain and works best for you.

-The benefits of flowing with your intuition.

-What I was like back in college and how I’ve changed since.

-About the moment I realized I wanted to pursue my website for a living.

-Which self-doubts I struggled with when launching my new profession.

-What the average work day is like for me.

-The details of my favourite alignment practices.


Resources Mentioned:


Your Conscious Empire (click here to access the preview!)

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Your Conscious Empire

Your Best Life

You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

Taste of the Country

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