Katie Kurtz on Making Friends as an Adult & Cultivating Your Soul Tribe

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"This deep connection with my soul and who I am, it wasn't a destination, it was an evolution."



Making friends as an adult and finding that like-hearted tribe can feel like a whole other enchilada. You might find yourself worrying these kinds of thoughts: "Where are my people? Who is even in my tribe? How do I build a brand, spanking new elevated tribe? And oh my word, am I cool enough to be friends with them?" (I feel you and I've also been there). 

Katie is the perfect guest to help you get one step closer to finding your soul tribe. Today's show is packed with tangible how-tos, lines you can use to reach out to people, and the importance of defining how you want that human, soul connection to look and feel like for you. 

Plus, in this episode, we explore what it's like to live in alignment with your true self, how to be real, and show up as who you really are. Katie's life coaching work specializes in helping women reconnect with their soul and come back home to themselves. So, if you are feeling a little out of wack or perhaps you've been lost in other people, work, and relationships for far too long, this episode will give you some guiding tools to come back to the core of who you really are. 

Today's episode is an absolute delight and pleasure! So come join us, grab some tea, and hang out with us for the hour.


About Katie:


Katie is an Internationally Certified Life Coach who helps women to connect with their authentic selves + courageously live life on their terms. She is the founder of Soul Connect, a coaching + connection movement that is dedicated to redefining how women connect with themselves and each other. Through her one on one coaching, in person gatherings, workshops + online community, Katie loves nothing more than creating a soul-full space for women to reclaim their light + overcome the fears that have been holding them back. Katie lives in Cleveland, Ohio, USA but shares her light worldwide. You can connect with her at soulconnecttribe.com.


Katie's definition of the soul: "Our soul is our divine, authentic self; our true essence; who we are after we shed the masks, the expectations, the pressures, the perfectionism, the fear, the doubt."


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How Katie got to know every part of herself and how all the twists and turns ended up leading her back home to her soul.

- What it means to get out of your own way and how to do it. 

- How to make friends as an adult, build that soul tribe, and things you can say when you reach out to people. (+ The reminder that everyone is also seeking this same, deep connection and craving it as much as you).

- About Katie's journey to reclaim her story and how you can re-write your narrative too (at any time!)

- How this work is a journey and an evolution. We can't just do it once and be done with it. 

- About what it's like to build trust in real life and how Katie manages that with her realist, rational mind. 

- Why it's important to get clear on what connection means to you. (+ How you want it to look like, sound like, and feel like).

- That you are your own greatest teacher and Katie shares her strategies on how to go inward for the anwser.

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