Kate Caddle on Self-Comparison, Social Media & Overcoming Perfectionism

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“With everything that we do, there is an opportunity to return back to love.”


You are in for a treat today because Kate is a delightful guest and she dishes out so much practical knowledge and strategies to pause, catch your breath, and gain awareness in those sticky moments so you can return to love. 

Kate specializes in helping women overcome self-comparison, over-achievement, and perfectionism. With our perpetual chase, obsession with more, and the temptation to collect the next gold star, we're exploring how to come back home to our true self. 

Kate is a life coach that I've been following since she started her practice and this episode is loaded with nuggets of wisdom on leaning into who you really are, feeling your true emotions, and building those necessary social media boundaries. We also talk about what gratitude really does look like (versus what it isn't and acknowledging that sometimes the challenge downright sucks). I hope you love this episode just as much as I did!


About Kate:

Kate Caddle is a passionate life coach, speaker, and writer whose purpose is to help you free yourself of jealousy, and live on your own terms. Through her online space, coaching sessions and sold out workshops, Kate helps you cut through the internal nastiness, and turn your inner voice into one of love. She’s an advocate for self-care, living gently and getting super comfortable in your own skin. She’s passionate about passion and loves nothing more than seeing women live a life they love.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- What external validation looks like and sneaky ways it might be popping up in your life unknowingly. For example, getting that new dress or that exact touristy photo for Instagram. (+ How to identify if you have themes of seeking a certain type of validation).

- How gaining awareness is truly the first step to taking action. 

- That if you show up for the first step, the following one will appear. (I LOVE this!)

- How trusting the process occurs when we surrender to our emotions and genuinely feel them (versus binding tighter, gritting our teeth, and applying more effort). 

- That you can apply more love when you're frustrated with yourself (versus beating yourself up and compounding negative on negative).

- How Kate gives herself permission to feel anger, sadness, and hurt. Then, lets those emotions move through her instead of pushing them away.

- The importance of building social media boudaries with ourself and others. (For example, when your co-worker says: "omg, did you see what she posted?")

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