Jessica Murnane on Overhauling Your Life, Shine Blockers & Showing Your Endometriosis Who's Boss

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“I just want to provide concrete, black & white, up-to-date information that women can forward to a friend and say: this is what I have & how you can support me better.”


At 33, Jessica Murnane had stage four endometriosis and was faced with a hysterectomy, so instead she overhauled her entire life to find a better way. Starting with her diet, Jessica make the switch to a plant-based one and crafted a way for herself to thrive with chronic illness.

In this episode, we talk about endometriosis, getting medical help and support #IRL, and how emotional and frustrating the process can be - especially when you have endometriosis since the diagnosis can take years. Jessica also shares how to tune into your intuition and the hints your body sends you when you're feeling weirdly "off" but you just can't put your finger on it. 

Plus, we also chat about being your real self, showing up as you are, and owning your story versus shying away or being embarrassed about it. This episode is such a stellar one and a must listen for anyone with endometriosis or really bad periods because you might resonate with what Jessica shares today.

Jessica Murnane's guest interview was the one I've been looking forward to the most because her work has impacted me so greatly. (No joke when I say that if it wasn't for Jessica, I wouldn't be doing this gig because she really sparked the flame). I hope you love this episode just as much as I did.


About Jessica:


Jessica Murnane is the founder of Know Your Endo (an education, awareness, and support resource for endometriosis), creator of the One Part Plant movement and author of the One Part Plant Cookbook (an initiative to get everyone on this planet to start eating one plant-based meal each day), and host of the One Part Podcast (where she brings tough questions to inspiring people).

Jessica has Stage IV endometriosis and was faced with a hysterectomy at the age of 33. After completely overhauling her life (starting with her diet), she was able to avoid the hysterectomy and get out of her deep depression caused by her chronic pain. She now thrives by using her endo toolkit and wants to teach others how to do the same.

Jessica has contributed to and appeared in countless magazines and websites, including Mind Body Green, The Coveteur, Food 52, PopSugar, and Chalkboard Magazine and has spoken at Apple, Taste Talks, and Wanderlust. She interviews some of the biggest names in food, lifestyle, and design on the popular One Part Podcast, which landed on iTunes New + Noteworthy after just three weeks. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, son, and lots of palm trees.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- About endometriosis, what it is, common symptoms which go undiagnosed and how Jessica uses a delish plant-based diet to manage her endometriosis.

- That Jessica's cookbook is my all-time favorite plant-based cookbook. (But you probably already knew that!)

- How to deal with people who are "shine blockers." AKA: those who are defensive about your life changes, give you a hard time for making lifestyle changes, and are unsupportive even though your changes have nothing to do with them.

- How to tune into your body and do what feels right for you and your health - no matter how "logical" or "correct" other options might be.

- How to make your medical appointments more productive by bringing in data that you've found in medical literature or studies off of PubMed or a list of your symptoms.

- Inklings that your body might be trying to tell you that something is wrong and how to tune in and listen when it pipes up. (+ Jessica's tips on understanding that voice and how she instinctively knew that things were wrong).

- About Jessica's take on spirituality, her daily non-negotiables, and about her new course, The Endo Tool Kit, which launches next week. 

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