Jenna Dailey on Female Friends, Abandoning Perfection & Honoring the Process

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"Fear can be extremely telling & useful depending on your perspective & how you choose to move forward."


Today on the podcast, I have my friend Jenna Dailey on the show and this conversation is so real, human, and honest. You'll feel like you are at a wooden table in a coffee shop sipping matcha lattes with us.

Female friendships, finding your soul sisters, and building a community can be hard - especially if you have a lot of worries or fear about female relationships. We start off talking about this and the process Jenna went through to unlearn and relearn what that meant to her.

In this chat, Jenna also shares about how learning from female teachers also shifted her perception of women and when she realized that women can be fierce and tender, strong and soft, wild and balanced, and much more multi-dimensional than the narrow box that society likes to place women in.

We also talk a lot about surrendering to the process, allowing what is, and honoring the journey. Jenna also shares that the self-development journey and leveling up your life takes effort - it's not a "5 quick hacks" scenario. It's a never-ending and ongoing journey that's a mess, difficult at times, and takes devotion. 

This conversation is so genuine and you'll feel right at home. So, grab your favorite hot beverage, curl up on the couch, and hang out with us for the hour. 


About Jenna:


Jenna Dailey is a photographer, storyteller, yoga teacher and social media specialist by trade. 

Somewhere along her path, creative expression became an intrinsic part of her identity and now she constantly seeks out opportunities to put her creativity to work. Jenna's core values, which she puts into practice daily, are creativity, connection, choice, passion and nature.

When she's not working, she's pursuing her passions of traveling the world, hiking, writing, and seeking out opportunities to experience, learn and grow. And she lives to spend time with family and friends, read real books and yes, run an occasional Netflix marathon every now and then.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- "You have to try new things. You have to be a beginner. And you have to be okay where you are, wherever you are."

- Other women's success doesn't take away anything from you or detract from what you have. (+ This notion of community and collaboration versus competition with other women).

- How to be more intentional with social media. (+ How Jenna used Instagram as a place to appreciate strong women and get inspired by all the ways women can be multi-dimensional).

- "It's just catching yourself in the moment and then making the conscious  shift to look at it in a different perspective."  

- How to let go of perfectionism and trying to make it all immaculate. 

- The relationship between perfectionism and expectation. (+ How letting go of being perfect was so freeing and allowed Jenna to be more present).

- How to cultivate a better relationship with social media. (+ How Jenna uses Instagram to inspire her but also has personal boundaries around it).

- About the power of presence and how Jenna has grown this practice in her life by mono tasking, slowing down, and doing one thing at a time.

- How has learning from female teachers shifted Jenna's perception of women. (+ The a-ha moment that women can be multifaceted versus thinking that strong women only looked a certain way - which is something we might have grown up assuming like I did).

- That "fear can be extremely telling and useful depending on your perspective and how you choose to move forward."

- That the journey and the process really is the destination. There is no end as much as we're all seeking this "final destination" in personal development.

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