Is Complaining Blocking Your Healing?

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It's easy to focus on what you don't want.


But, by doing so, you perpetuate the discomfort.

I know, I know. Walking the walk and talking the talk. We all know this concept, but we often forget and need a tiny reminder. 

You only have so much mental capacity and brain power to harness in a single day to make strong decisions. And when it comes to complaining, it's easy to solely focus on the shitstorm ahead.

Instead, choose to focus on the solutions, the new methodologies, and what's going right in your life. This is a simple way to unblock your healing and use your language and wording productively. 



In this episode, you'll learn:


- how complaining is the opposite of gratitude and appreciation

- how it hinders progress because it gives your attention to negative energy

- my rule #4: "what you focus on creates" from Control Alt Delete

- 3 strategies to shift negative complaining into productive progress



Resources mentioned:


Healing vs. Coping episode

My course: Control Alt Delete: The Mindset Reboot

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