Intentional Rest: How to Slow Down to Speed Up

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It's a mindset shift away from the old paradigm of hustle & hard work.


Although counter-intuitive, rest is productive. We all fundamentally understand that rest is important, but the HOW part is vague. Many of us are relying on a belief system that says: "hustle is golden ticket" and taking a rest break is going to slow us down. This episode unpacks this notion and gives you strategies to slow down.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- 6 strategies you can use to practice intentional rest. (Key note: I use the word "practice" on purpose because this really is a practice). 

- That taking a break doesn't slow you down; it enables you to speed up. 

- The concept of the donkey and the carrot and how you can learn to enjoy the carrot now. 

- How intentional rest is about taking time to do the things that make you feel more alive. 

- How to be generous with yourself and give yourself the gift of time. 

- How sometimes we get it backwards in North America and what to do when the method of endless hard work and pursuit feels all wrong. (+ What we can learn from our European friends).

- Plus, my takeaways from my Mediterranean holiday!


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My book: The Healing Blueprint

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The super cute rose gold macbook I intentionally didn't buy. I bought this iMac instead. 


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