How to Reach Your Next Level in Life: 5 no-BS steps & all the real talk

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Got your eyes on the prize? Let’s make it happen.


Elevating yourself above and beyond to reach your next level can mean turning into a very different person from the "you" you've been familiar with all your life—and that can be scary! But if you're fretting, don't worry, because I'm here to tell you that not only have I've made those big changes myself, but I've experienced the high-highs and low-lows of change firsthand. For this episode, I'm going to talk about honing in on your strongest personality traits, breaking out of your comfort zone, and even open up about some of my own low points on the road to becoming my ultimate self.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

-What "going to the next level" really means for your professional and personal life.

-Figuring out where you want to want to go and setting the goals you need to get you there.

-Facing off with your inner critic.

-Applying "survival of the fittest" to your personality.

-One of my more turbulent experiences pushing myself to the next level.

-Why struggling with these changes isn't bad, and may even be necessary.

-Understanding that the better version of yourself will have to be a very different version of yourself.

-The scary but important process of stepping outside your comfort zone

-Developing the support system you need to keep you on track and pushing forward.

-Investing financially in your own growth.

-Treating yourself as your own employee.

-Identifying and weeding out your self-limiting thoughts.

-Building up the courage needed to make connections and take risks.

-A breakdown of my "Your Conscious Empire" class.


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