How to Navigate Parties with Dietary Preferences

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Celebrations are awkward when you're shifting your eating habits.


We have a lot of emotions, feelings, rituals, and societal norms around holiday dinners and big parties. Maybe your family Thanksgiving dinner is a big ritual you've been doing since you were a kid, but this year, your eating patterns have changed. Or maybe aunt Gertrude flies in all the way from Florida and there is an unspoken expectation to eat her lemon meringue pie. But, how exactly will you politely turn her down this year?

As Canadian Thanksgiving rolls around, I'm dishing out all the things I do to navigate holiday season and how you can use these tactics to make your dinners feel less overwhelming. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- 7 strategies to make parties feel less awkward when you eat differently than others.

- How to manage those pesky questions when people ask you about your diet. 

- Why boundaries are needed at the dinner table when it comes to folks who want to challenge or debate your values.

- Why it's important to stop apologizing for your needs. 

- How to take care of yourself and your own needs (even though it may feel weird). 

- Polite and simple ways to talk to the party host upfront. 


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My course: Control Alt Delete: The Mindset Reboot


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