How to Make Choices When You Feel Stuck

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Learn how to make grounded, heart-centered choices when you feel stuck between two options. 


Use these four questions to get clarity on where you're headed. Plus - you can do these all on your own and you don't need outside guidance.


Now, these questions can be applied to any life scenario - deciding if you need to set a boundary, sign up for that coaching program, or switch jobs so that you can feel freer.


These are my go-to tactics I whip out when I need to make a hard choice. Like you, I've hit serious forks in the road, scoured google for tips, asked everyone I know, and watched TED talks endlessly to get some guidance. 


In this episode, you'll learn:


- four simple tactics you can use to make a hard decision 

- how to tune into your body to make a choice

- understand how your body is trying to communicate with you - like through breath, stomach knots, or jaw clenching. 

- how to figure out what your heart and soul wants

- the first action step to take when you realize your answer

- how to get support from others

- that asking for advice from another person can help you or hinder you immensely depending on who you talk to 



Resources mentioned:


Danielle LaPorte

Control Alt Delete: The Mindset Reboot

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