How to Hear Your Intuition

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Is it a voice? Is it a person? Is it me?


Oh, the glorious (yet elusive) intuition! The coolest sixth sense, the touch point to the divine, and the place where all of those juicy answers live. But, how can we tap into that innate wisdom? How can we hear the reply from the divine? And what exactly does it sound like?

Today on the podcast, I'm teaching you how to access your intuition, how to ask the right questions, and how to derive great wisdom from your higher consciousness. It's got all the answers you ever need if you know where to go and what to ask. (I'm making it sound like an ultra-secret high-end nightclub, but I swear, it's cooler than that and you don't need a fancy verbal password to get in).

Plus, I'm answering your burning questions on the subject in this super fun episode. So, tune it and enjoy!


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How to listen to your intuition.

- How to access that connection to your higher power. 

- Why there really isn't just a "use your brain" or "use your heart" answer. Instead, it's more of a wholistic answer that you can tap into that encompasses all of it.

- How to call on your intuitive powers and strengthen your connection.

- What kind of questions you can ask your intuition and how to get guidance. 

- Why you need to be in a quieter state to calm the monkey mind.


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Your Best Life

Your Conscious Empire

My coaching offerings

Flow With Intention by Jess Lively


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