How to Get To Where You Want To Go

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Three little things to master your mind, move through your fear & blast through your blocks.


Today, we're chatting about how to fulfill that vision and what's actually required to get you to your goals. The easiest way to start is by mastering your mind and strapping in your fear, doubt, worry, inner critic, and negative self-talk all in seats at the back of the train while you steer at the front - many, many train cars away from those little self-sabotaging suckers.


In this episode, you'll learn:


- How to tell if your fear-based voice feels like freedom or actual scary fear. (+ How to take action in each scenario.

- How to ask for help and speak up to get support earlier on. It always takes a village to accomplish what you desire and speaking up is a sign of immense strength (and never to be confused with the "I can do this all on my own" false narrative).

- How to move through your comfort zone and what that actually looks like in real life.

- That investing in yourself and your own development is the best thing you can do with your money so that you can get the greatest payoff.


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